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Myth-takes and Other Oddities

Robert Marks | 22 Mar 2011 09:10
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A couple of days into my playing marathon - it was a big game - the replacement CD arrived. Almost immediately after that, my editor called me in a panic, telling me that under no circumstances was I to actually use the thing.


It turns out that Bungie had found a bug in the installer. If the game was installed into the default directory (such as I had done), everything was fine. If it wasn't, however, and you wanted to uninstall the game, the installer would get confused and try to compensate with thoroughness - by uninstalling everything. Yes, Bungie had accidentally created a game that could leave you with a blank hard drive as a parting gift.

To their credit, Bungie caught the problem before the game was on the shelves and issued a recall (although they never did ask for my CDs back). Everyone reviewing Myth II was left with a dangerous copy - in my case, two copies - while we waited for a safe one to arrive. About a week later, my third copy of the game arrived, and this one would apparently leave my computer unscathed. By then, however, I had finished playing.

I returned to Kingston for the last term of my degree ready to write the review. I had given Myth II quite a lot of thought. It was a very good game, and a worthy sequel, but story-wise it really felt like an expansion pack - and that's what I was going to write about it.

In between a large amount of course readings, I puttered away at writing the review. It was in the middle of January, after a long walk back from campus, that I returned to my rented room just in time for my editor to phone.

Now, I had also returned to Kingston while it was in the grips of the coldest, most brutal winter I have ever experienced. Minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit was common before the wind chill - the wind at times brought it down as low as -40 degrees. Walking out in that weather involved several layers of clothing, and anything exposed - such as my earlobes on this particular day - would become frozen lumps of flesh. It was accidental frostbite, but I still remember it as part of the saga of Myth II because it was the only time in my life that talking to an editor was associated with actual physical pain.

By the end of January, right on schedule, the review was sent in, although due to slow connection speeds and my email program at the time not really being able to attach files, I wasn't able to provide screenshots to accompany my words. That's when the disappointment began.

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