Going With The Flow

Going With The Flow
Casual Gamers Are Better Than You

Jim Sterling | 29 Mar 2011 09:07
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Now tell me, who is smarter? Bear in mind, of course, that the Farmville player is having just as much fun as you are, regardless of the experience's respective depths. I'd say it's smarter to dictate for one's self how much an experience is worth.


I am aware that I said you're inferior for not spending $60 to try new games, while also implying you're inferior for spending $60 on any games. I do not mean to state that you're inherently stupid for spending $60 on videogames, just that the Farmville players might be onto something, and it's perhaps a method of play that we should be trying to embrace and investigate, rather than automatically look down upon. It all comes back to my earlier point: Core gamers seem to resist the new and distrust the unique. Farmville is a relatively new player on the pitch, and most of us have already decided it is scum.

Hardcore gamers - and do bear in mind that I include myself in that bracket - like to stamp their feet and scream that publishers have "abandoned" them, but when I look at the distrust of new things, I cannot say I blame them all that much. I don't doubt that most core gamers, the ones who don't spend all their time bitching about reviews on forums, genuinely adore the hobby and want to support gaming, but we are not the worth the amount of attention we demand.

Our hatred of the casual consumer, which is picking up the slack that core gamers leave behind, should stop. They do things for the industry that you do not, and they can be counted on in areas where you cannot. By all means, look after your money, pirate games, and stay away from Farmville in favor of richer experiences. Just don't think you're better than the demographics currently being catered to because you are, in fact, no more special than a soccer mom.

Jim Sterling isn't saying anybody's better than you, just that you're worse than everybody.

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