Escape from E3

Escape from E3
Game Industry Katamari

Jason Della Rocca | 23 May 2006 08:02
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Other groups are out garnering support for their own local conference or games festival. Still others are making plans to build games for charity. The list goes on.

Other Politics
Taking an even broader view, we start seeing some of the weirder activities occurring on the periphery.

One example is the booth babe protesters. No, not people protesting the booth babes, but protesters who were booth babes. Right, you got that. There were booth babes outside of E3 protesting the new, stricter babe and clothing policies. In the end, it turned out to be a marketing stunt, but it did seem legit when I first heard about it. Really.

More seriously, there were scammers distributing the "Electronic Entertainment Show Daily," a rip-off of the usual "Electronic Entertainment Expo Show Daily." They were hitting up exhibitors with special discounted advertising rates due to a last minute cancellation. Not sure if they phished any one in, but that's just not cool.

Perhaps most amusing are some of the folks who get refused entrance due to lack of industry credentials. At times, locals come and hover around the convention center. Justine, the PsychicGirl, should have known her registration was going to be rejected due to stricter admittance policies...

1000m View
As our big E3 katamari continues rolling, more and more stuff keeps sticking to it. It didn't take long for the core of the show to be overtaken - perhaps not in appearance, but more so in importance - by all the other stuff stuck to it.

One has to wonder if E3 went away (as some jaded industry vets usually do), what would happen to all that other stuff. It would be like an ecosystem's food source disappearing.

Or, perhaps it's just me and the odd route I push my way through in LA. Regardless, I don't think I'll ever have the luxury of waiting in line to get into the Nintendo booth. No worries. In my opinion, the best place to get the scoop on all the games is via the web anyway. It's all the other stuff one has to be there for!

Jason Della Rocca is the executive director of the International Game Developers Association. (Opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the IGDA.) Jason blogs at Reality Panic and wishes he could just camp out in front of the vintage arcade machines in Kentia Hall every E3.

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