Wolfenstein: The New Order Preview - Battling Fascist Robots

Joshua Vanderwall | 1 Aug 2013 17:15
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Your health is a resource in Wolfenstein, as it was traditionally. Even with the bit of regen, it is your most precious commodity. You'll want to shoot or melee every box you see to get at the contents, such as armor, ammo, or medkits. Ammo was rarely a problem in these encounters, as I was largely pilfering weapons and ammo from the dead Nazis, so as long as I was at least pointing my gun in the right direction while holding the trigger, I always came out ahead for ammo.

In addition to an exciting one-hour demo filled with exactly the sort of over-the-top action you expect from Wolfenstein, I got to sit down with Andreas Ojerfors, Senior Gameplay Designer at Machine Games. Andreas shed some light onto the ambitions of Wolfenstein, namely that they are trying to "go back and capture the experience of when [Wolfenstein 3D] was released 20 years ago." The New Order is being designed as an action-adventure experience, with a focus on exploration. This exploration is not necessarily the traditional sandbox world sense of the word, but rather "Exploring the world, exploring history... exploring the story, its characters, and the gameplay."

I think it's safe to say that Wolfenstein: The New Order, at least in its current state, will easily exceed any reasonable expectations for the game. I've already seen evidence of well-designed characters, like Frau Engel and her positively creepy boy toy, and, while the idea of a Nazi-run world may seem vaguely familiar from any number of sci-fi/fantasy alternate universe plotlines, I think the team has put sufficient effort into it to really set The New Order apart. The action is intense, and the enemies, like the weapons you'll get access to later, are completely over the top. Plus, if there's one thing you'll feel less bad about than virtually killing a Nazi, it's virtually killing an autonomous Nazi Death Robot.

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