12 Days Surviving This War of Mine

Paul Goodman | 23 Sep 2014 14:00
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Day 3

The third day dawns with some bad news. While Marko was away, the shelter was raided. Thankfully, nothing was taken, but the unwelcome guests managed to wound Bruno and Pavle. In a spin of good fortune, though, a man named Franko, lugging a backpack full of gear and food, knocks on our front door offering to trade. I take the opportunity to get rid of some random jewelry I found while clearing out the shelter along with a huge supply of sugar (useful in making crude alcohol, but lacking a distillery it's just taking up space) in exchange for some canned food and bandages. It's a rough deal, I'm sure; Franko carried weapon parts, lock picks, and many more items I'm sure would be great to have down the road, but I had to focus on what my civilians needed right now - lots of band-aids and food - and since no one in my party had the chops for negotiation, I had to take whatever Franko offered.

With the day coming to a close, I construct another bed and send Pavle out to pick up the last few useful items left behind at the cottage.

Day 4

My crew is getting much more substantial rest now that I have multiple beds. With plenty of materials at hand, I construct a new stove for Bruno to use to cook up more nutritious meals for the group as well as a knife for self-defense. I'd rather have a pistol, but I lack the majority of the materials I'd need to upgrade my workbenches to that level.

Arica, a civilian seeking to join my group.

As the day goes by, we have another visitor - This time a young woman named Arica - asking for shelter in exchange for help with scavenging and maintaining the shelter. Judging by her bio she's particularly streetwise and is a very stealthy individual. It's a tough choice - it'd be another mouth to feed and a possible drain on resources if she moves in only to get sick or injured a day later.

But on the other hand, it'd be good to have someone skilled at sneaking around if I need to check out a more dangerous area or if Marko's unavailable. I risk it and invite her to join the group, setting her up to make some fuel for our new stove.

When night comes around, I send Marko out to check a nearby garage. It's chock full of building materials - scrap metal, wood, etc. - but it's also guarded by a young man and his father. The young man yells out to Marko that if he has meds to trade, he'd be willing to talk - otherwise leave before things get ugly. I decide to leave with what few resources I've found and come back later.

Day 5

We were raided again in the night, but given that we had an actual weapon to wave around, the intruders backed off without much incident. Sadly, though, even if they didn't make off with anything, our food and water supplies are drastically low. Using the last bits of construction materials I had the group build a rainwater collector and some filters for it. I also had Pavle build a radio - at first a seemingly unhelpful item that wouldn't do much more than maybe keep up morale, but after fiddling around with it I came across a news station providing an update on the war, as well as a weather station that detailed info that a cold front was moving in - I'd have to soon start worrying about keeping my crew warm on top of well-rested and fed.

Franko the trader came back again, and I offered up some more jewelry and some "herbal" medication that I didn't quite trust to keep my crew healthy. I picked up some more food, though not nearly as much as I'd like. I have maybe enough for one meal for each of my four civilians for the next day, but after that, they'll have to tough it out until Marko finds some or I can trade for it later.

I sent Marko back to the garage to trade with the man living there, and picked up some canned food out of the deal, which, despite having to give up some valuable medical resources, at least will help keep my group fed for another day. After rummaging around for some more scrap, I sent Marko home.

Trading with Franko.

Day 6

With the weather potentially getting cold in the next few days, I constructed a heater in the basement of the house and turned some scavenged books into fuel. The radio says that an intervention to stop the fighting and bring relief to the city is likely, but didn't say when. I'm not sure how'd that play out in-game, but I'd hope that if any supplies did come into the city, I'd be able to get some for my crew.

With food supplies very low, I sent Marko out to pick the abandoned parts of the garage clean. In exploring the area, I came across where the man and his father were hiding. Peeking through the door, I could see that the father limped around, still wounded, and it looked like they had more than a few cabinets that most likely had a ton of food. As hungry as my group would be in the next day or two, I'm not sure I was in so dire a strait to risk fighting this guy and his dad for an extra meal, so I chose to leave them alone.

Maybe I'd get lucky and could find something to trade with them again?

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