Hands-on Impressions of PlayStation Move

Greg Tito | 16 Sep 2010 09:00
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The single player career mode in Racquet Sports was surprisingly in-depth, allowing you to play through a season with your athlete, get invited to tournaments, and increase your ranking.

You can tell just by looking at the box that Eyepet is for babies, or at least children. This is starkly pointed out when the intro instructs you to point the PlayStation Eye all the way down at the floor. The whole presentation is that of a kid's show, with the "scientist" narrating how you should treat your Eyepet's egg to get it to hatch. The full-motion video of the actor playing the scientist was pretty annoying, but I don't think I'm the target audience. I could see how it could be engaging for a child, but I just felt silly stroking the little monkey guy that came out of the egg.

Kung Fu Rider sucked. It was cheesily-scripted and its caricatures don't translate well. The gameplay is sub-par; you race down tracks on an office chair, avoiding obstacles and collecting money. It's biggest failing is that the game doesn't make very good use of the Move technology. Steering and controlling the guy riding the chair could have been accomplished much better with a traditional controller.

I played Start the Party! solo, but that title doesn't shine unless you have a group of people who are into friendly competitive gaming. Luckily, The Escapist office is full of such people and had a blast taking pictures of ourselves and playing the minigame competition. Most of the games show a video of the whole room in the background, so everyone is involved even if only one player attempts each game at a time. Some minigames were better than others. I liked the mind-bending robot game where you had to match the position of the Move with a screen displayed on robots coming after you. Start the Party! did exactly what its title implies. We had so much fun playing at 11am on a Wednesday; I can only imagine the amount of hilarity that would ensue in a true party setting.

PlayStation Move has a lot going for it. It was impressive playing such active games with HD quality video and I can't say that I miss the cartoony feel of that other system. Sports Champions is a really well-made game, and Start the Party! and Eyepet are good games, in the right context. Here's hoping Sony follows these launch titles with something that really uses Move to, ahem, move the industry forward.

Greg Tito would like to apologize to ThyNameIsMud for repeatedly kicking his ass and to John Funk for Lima and s0osleepie ganging up on him.

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