Overstrike Becomes Fuse

Justin Clouse | 12 Sep 2012 09:00
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I guess what's baffling to me is that in an industry where Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands can find such pervasive or unexpected success for ditching safe aesthetics for more stylized realities, Insomniac Games would voluntarily turn a 180 on that. Then again, perhaps I should accept that I'm not the intended market. I overheard one person at the event who appreciated the divergence from "cartoony graphics."

Fuse actually has quite the developmental backstory. Three years ago, the developers were trying to drum up some ideas for a new IP. The notion of a Mission Impossible meets James Bond spy game bubbled to the surface. The original premise was for a four player stealth game, until that idea proved frustrating due to the pass/fail nature of stealth and how a single player could ruin it for the other three. An early premise even saw the game without any guns at all.

So the game gravitated towards being more actively action- oriented, and in this regard Insomniac makes me conflicted since Fuse has some great cooperative gameplay. There were several genuine moments of elation during my time with it. The action is oriented around the unique fuse weapons and how Fuse rewards players for working together. Each of the four agents has their specific weapon and powers. Dalton's mag shield can block attacks and release stored up energy blasts, and Jacob's arc shot fires incendiary bolts that can be trigged to melt and explode anything unfortunate enough to be nearby. The two weapons I found most interesting though were Naya's warp rifle and Izzy's shattergun. The warp rifle fires rounds that charge up the target and upon hitting critical mass they are engulfed in a miniature black hole. There's also a trick to charging several opponents and cascading a black hole across them all for some serious AOE damage. Somewhat similarly, the shattergun also charges up an enemy, but when it detonates it crystallizes them and anyone nearby. It also lifts them into the air making them easy targets.

This is where the team and cooperative aspect comes into play: Izzy's shattergun does relatively low damage so it can take her a while to shatter the crystallized opponents, but Dalton can break a whole group with his mag shield blast. This frees up Izzy to move on to locking down the next group. Each player is also rewarded with the fuse points, used to upgrade your character, for killing them. There are other combinations as well, like firing through Dalton's shield. You're getting kills, but he's also getting points for assisting you with shield cover. Cooperation is also encouraged by the environment and opponents. You might need to work together to get past sentry turrets, flank riot shield equipped enemies and rescue a teammate from being bound up and blasted to smithereens by a nasty combat robot.

The constant adage is that gameplay trumps graphics, so it will be interesting to see how Fuse continues to progress. The gameplay is certainly there, but I for one wish they hadn't turned away from the charm initially presented. If Insomniac can find ways to breathe some of that life back in, then Fuse will be worth keeping an eye on.

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