Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 9: Power of Love

At the start of the next Hub Visit, you'll have a choice between several available stages in the selection menu computer. We're going to start with "Power of Love" - but you can choose any level in any order here.

Welcome to Zamaron, home of the Star Sapphires! They're not too friendly here and soldiers start pouring out of a gate out of Cyborg's reach. Switch to the Sonar Suit with Cyborg and smash the glass Lego shards, then build the hopping bricks into a fast build.

Complete it with Flash and some flowers will bloom, allowing Cyborg to reach the ledge and de-power the enemy door by interacting with the electricity socket. Now that Cyborg is carrying a charge, jump down and move up the steps to the right.

Smash the Lego junk to the right of the glowing blue door to find a generator. Power it up with Cyborg's electricity and the road forward will open.

Smash some stuff around the base of the steps to uncover a green floor plate. This is a Manhunter pad - stand on it with Martian Manhunter to teleport inside the forcefield bubble. Inside the bubble, transform into Manhunter's massive form (Hold down Character Switch) and pull on the green handles.

Use Cyborg to pull off the revealed blue magnetic metal and cut through the gold bricks with Cyborg's laser beam. The new hopping bricks transform into a treadmill when built. Hop on with Flash to destroy the large pink gate on the right.

Follow the path up to another enemy generator and a pink gate. Interact with the blue metal bricks with Cyborg's magnet suit then build the bricks into a jetpack refueler station. Charge Cyborg's space suit, but he won't need it quite yet.

Instead, fly Martian Manhunter over to the forcefield bubble and mind-control the minion inside to attack the field generator. Once the field is down, use Cyborg to break the glass then charge up on the Electricity terminal.

With that charge, fly over to the Generator on the high ledge on your right. That removes the pink gate, opening yet another zone.

A huge pink monster-thing has the Justice League trapped! See the glowing light on the blue bricks? Smash the objects up and build the gold pieces into a super-heart. Like any good monster, music soothes it's animal heart!

While it plays the harp, melt the gold with Cyborg's laser. That frees your team, allowing you to explore up and left - there are green glowing dots. Scan them with Martian Manhunter to discover a Martian teleporter. Enter it with the green guy then melt the gold roots in the cave.

That makes the alien flowers bloom above so the whole team can reach the ledge. Jump up the plants to encounter the alien critter a second time.

This time it fights back! Watch out for the beam of pink energy and get to work destroying the silver metal blocks in the arena. Once all three are broken, build the hopping bricks into a Fast Build plate for Flash to use.

Building a fancy restaurant, Cyborg can get the jump on this boss by magnetizing the little set with his special suit. For the final heart, run right and build the red bricks that appear after one large attack.

When the present is complete, use Martian Manhunter's giant form to pull the green handles and throw it straight at the boss.

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