Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 10: A Blue Hope

Remember when Batman flew around the Watchtower blasting Joker's drones? This time it's the Justice League fighting the Reach. These alien bugs are causing problems for the Blue Lanterns, so blast 50 of their ships out of the sky!

When tentacles appear, grab the orange-tipped missiles and they'll auto-target when flying near. Hit the tentacle with two missiles to bring it down. In the third wave, wormy metal monsters will appear - these guys require missiles too.

When the mothership falls you'll land on the planet to continue the level. The fight is raging pretty hard, so it's time to help.

Smash the bugs down the path from your spaceship to discover a Fast Build pad for the Flash! Build it to clear a tree, revealing some shiny green sparkles that Martian Manhunter needs to scan. Enter the green portal and melt the tentacle's gold section to reveal a new alien monster!

Fly up to the ledge above the biting monster's head then scan with Manhunter again. What's this? A metal Lego object! Blow it up to dump boulders on the creature's head.

With the monster gone Cyborg can climb the hanging vine up to reach the path, leading to yet another metal object up in the trees. Bomb that one too.

Past the vine bridge you'll find a swarm of killer Reach bugs. Clear the area of enemies to make puzzle-solving safe, then break all the nearby Lego objects until you discover hopping bricks. Use the Fast

Build with Flash to open up a new cave. Bomb the metal and enter the Martian Manhunter portal - but the path up above is blocked by a tentacle.

Switch to Cyborg and pull the metal bricks attached to the tentacle. Pulling it back, Manhunter can get behind the tentacle and melt the gold bricks, opening up the remainder of the passage.

The Blue Lantern is trapped in the claws of a giant beetle. To save him, pull the magnetic blue bricks with Cyborg's suit. Now green sparkles will appear in the center of this area - scan with Manhunter. There's hidden dirt that Saint Walker (Blue Lanter) can dig up to reveal hopping bricks.

The bricks create a Blue Lantern Construct pad. Use it with Saint Walker to chase off the big beast and complete the stage.

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