Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 12: All the Rage

For this level, we rejoin Batman and Robin in their villainous disguises, along with Grundy, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. That's a full group of characters, so let's put them to good use.

The first obstacle is a big green glowing forcefield. There's a pile of Lego bricks right in front of the field - only Green Lantern's ring can summon a jackhammer to dig up some hopping bricks.

Hold down the build button on the Lantern symbol to expose the generator's green core, then blast it with GL's laser ring.

Follow the path past the mean Red Lantern jerks and you'll find a laser on a Shield Pad icon. Step onto the pad with Wonder Woman to redirect the beam into the gold bricks. Now the path is clear.

Up the stairs, smash through the Lego brick wall with Grundy, then pull the two orange grapple handles using Green Lantern. Build the hopping bricks in the canyon below and use the Green Lantern icon to summon up a bridge.

Past the bridge you'll encounter another forcefield barrier. To the right is a Lego object with green handles. Grab it with Grundy then throw it by targeting the little blue pointer on the wall of debris.

Pull the orange handle that appears with a grappling hook, then construct the pieces into... an irrigation system? Push the green turn-style then smash all the plants that appear to reveal a Grundy swamp tile.

Along with other junk, Grundy digs up a drilling machine with dynamite. Switch to a normal-sized minifig to destroy the generator and open the path into the next area.

Jump along the natural stone columns until it looks like a dead end. Use any character with a grappling hook here to pull the Lego brick platform closer so your team can get one step closer to that Red Lantern core.

See the brick wall covered in vines? Smash the vines, then smash the wall with Grundy. Construct the hopping bricks to form a Green Lantern Construct Pad. This time he forms a pirate ship to get everyone across the water.

It's a short walk up the steps to the power core. Avoid the falling rocks the easy way by switching to Green Lantern and flying up to the next barrier.

Smash both statues in the center and build the bricks to find a pair of green super-strength handles. This is a job for Grundy! Throw the heavy object at the cracked Lego brick wall in the rocks to the left. That exposes a grapple handle.

Pull the handle and the red stuff flow will weaken. To cut it off completely, go right and use Green Lantern on the pile of dirt. He can drill up some bricks. Build them and the valve closes, lowering the dangerous red stuff.

Atrocitus summons a monster from the core, and it isn't very friendly. Right away it shoots a laser beam at your minifigs. Green Lantern can fly, so use him for the easiest escape.

Wait for it to charge a few times, then it'll leap from the liquid and slam into the center of the area. He's stunned for a second, allowing a normal-sized minifig to ride the creature like a bull - just like any other vehicle.

Mash whatever button appears above the red monster, then follow the same pattern two more times. After three cycles you'll defeat the monster for good.

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