Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 14: Aw-Qward Situation

Sinestro doesn't fall for Robin's Lex Luthor act, leaving Green Lantern to fight the villain's forces on his home turf.

Prepare for more space combat! Grab a shield, upgrade your attacks, and watch for a blue pointer to help guide your ship to any remaining enemies at the end of each wave.

When Sinestro summons his spooky ghost train, grab the orange missile power-ups to target and blow the spectral conveyance away! Four hits ends this section.

Green Lantern and Robin are in trouble! Running over to Green Lantern as he's being controlled like a puppet forces Sinestro to run off, but there are barricades in your path.

Now that Batman is back in his regular suit, you can switch to the Power Suit mode and destroy the ring of silver bricks around the giant drill. Construct the hopping bricks to form green handles so Grundy can remove the barricade.

The next big challenge is up the platforms over the lava pit. Giant hammers slam down onto the revolving platforms. Switch to the Electricity Suit to get by the lightning then time your jumps - wait for the hammers to start rising up after a slam to jump across.

On the other side, turn invisible with the Sensor Suit to get by the cameras, the grapple up the ledge. Defeat the goon manning the electricity panel and use the Electricity Suit to drain it, turning off the crazy machinery below.

The Sinestro Corps brute appears again! There's a gold Lego brick beneath him - melt it with Batman's Space Suit laser, or let the bad guy's laser melt it for you. That reveals a Wonder Woman Shield Pad. Use her to redirect the laser at the villain above to chase him off.

Mash the buttons as they appear to defeat the bad guy as Solomon Grundy attacks! Over the swamp, bats and green glowies appear - scan the area with Batman's Sensor Suit to reveal a cracked floor. Ground-pound through it with Grundy!

Down below you'll find Green Lantern again. After some inspiring words from Batman, Green Lantern breaks free - mash the prompt to escape and re-join the team!

To start the conveyor, smash the two brown vats giving off a feint glow. The bricks can be built into a Green Lantern Construct Pad. Use it and the conveyor belt will start. Now Batman can jump on a crate to get up to GL!

Up on the ledge, turn invisible and pull the grapple handle, releasing a gust of wind that blows any minifig up to the top of the spinning gear platform. Wait for the platform to turn horizontally, then leap across!

Across the path, Batman can use his Electricity Suit to charge the generator, activating a more convenient elevator for the rest of your team.

They've got Sinestro cornered! He tries to hide behind a construct castle. See the green handles on the weird Lego device in the left corner? Grab it with Grundy, build the hopping bricks, and use the Green Lantern construct pad to smash a hole in Sinestro's castle.

Now it's Green Lantern's turn to finish the job. Mash the attack button to win the final power struggle and grab the last power core.

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