Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 3: Space suits you, Sir!

Taking a break from Batman, you start in the Justice League satellite with Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. Both of them have some cool, unique powers you can play around with.

Martian Manhunter has a ton of abilities; he can scan for secret objects like Batman's sensor suit, fly, shoot laser beams and transform.

To get things started, use Manhunter's scan ability (Just like Sensor Suit Batman) on the blue/white door behind the Superman statue. He'll reveal a gold lock - destroy that by holding own the sensor scan button and target the gold Lego brick.

Lasers can always melt gold objects. Manhunter can also see through objects - again, just like sensor suit Batman - and solve the little computer control puzzle. Activate all three locks to uncover secret controls beneath the gold super-hero statues.

The Batman and Wonder-Woman statues are the first ones to solve. Push the green turn-style lever on the Batman statue to solve it.

To complete Wonder Woman's; use Manhunter's scan to reveal a grapple handle, then use Green Lantern to pull it. Construct the pieces to create a Green Lantern Construct plate! These unique plates can only be used by Green Lantern, so watch out for them!

Hold down the build button and Lantern constructs a massive glowing boot to fix Superman's busted machinery under his statue.

That solves your statue problem and alerts all three heroes - so begins the actual level!

Martian Manhunter calls all the Justice League members into action! But without super-powers, Batman only has one option to reach the satellite - his Bat-Space-Rocket!

Destroy the first barrier with the Power Suit's rocket attack. At the far end of the path, there are three silver Lego objects Batman's Power Suit rockets can destroy. Smash all three, build the pieces, and hack the technology panel with Robin's techno suit.

Robin's motorcycle rolls out of a special rail-track, but the only grapple point is covered with a metal Lego brick Batsymbol. Destroy it with Batman's power suit rockets, then grapple up with Robin to use the techno panel.

Move back down the path to the glass Lego cases. There's a silver container holding a new suit token for Batman.

The Sonar Suit can destroy glass with it's high-pitched sonic projector. Just tap the build button to create a sonic wave on the ground, smashing any nearby glass Lego bricks.

Doing that reveals a handy Toy Wonder chute. Summon up Toy Wonder from Robin's techno suit and enter the chute. There's a techno-panel he can hack down the steps which reveals a bridge to the right side of the hangar.

Use Robin's techno suit on the panel to reveal a hazard disposal machine. See all the glass containers nearby? Smash them using Batman's sonar suit, then collect the hopping bricks with Robin's hazard suit.

Depositing the pieces creates an invisible object above the Batman symbol nearby. Scan it to reveal a hidden grapple handle. Grapple that handle and use the new spinning fan to reach a green sensor suit screen.

Move the two pipes into position to hook the rocket up to Batman's own patented green space fuel. Just jump onto the gray handle that comes loose to break it off the valve and complete step two.

Time to collect Batman's space suit. It's located to the right of the cave, through the green fuel tank. To get through, use the sensor suit to detect glass bricks up the steps, then destroy the glass with the sonar suit before crossing the slime with Robin's hazard suit.

Pull the second door down by the handle so Batman can cross over and scan the green glowing spot to the right of the gold container.

Destroy the revealed silver bricks (Power Suit Batman) to find a dark area. Darkness means you'll want to use Robin's illumination suit - there's a charging station to the right of the darkness. Light up and go into the shadowy alcove.

What's inside? ... a weird rover! Hold down the jump button to drive the vehicle forward and use the build button to search inside the brick piece piles.

Dig up all four spots with the rover to reveal a new Batman suit token. This is the Space Suit. It can fly and shoot a laser that destroys gold Lego objects. Try it out on the gold container nearby, and break the rest of the Lego objects to the right so hopping bricks appear.

Construct the bricks to create a jetpack charging station. Charge up, then fly onto the balcony above the fuel tank. Melt the gold bricks and Robin can join back up.

Fly over the next gap to a gold Lego brick wall. Use the interaction button and move the beam to follow the red-glowing pattern to destroy the bricks. Construct the pieces that fall out to create a Batcomputer with a techno panel.

That's a job for Robin. Get him over there by using the sensor vision on the newly-appeared green glowies, making some handy acrobatic handles appear. Use regular, standard Robin to throw his staff into the first slot then jump on over!

Using Robin's techno suit starts another computer-land challenge in the virtual world. In the maze, take the first right to reach the path leading to the number switcher. Smash it to enter a platforming section.

The platforming area isn't too hard, just keep moving and stay on your toes. If a panel flashes red, that means it's about to start falling!

The last challenge is the weirdest yet. The floor moves like a wave - wait for it to appear near your starting point, and keep running to follow the wave all the way over to the number switcher. If you're too fast or too slow, you'll fall into oblivion.

Completing the code also completes Batman's rocket. When you're ready to get, step into the ship and head out toward the Justice League HQ.

In the second section of the level, Batman and Robin circle the satellite while Joker launches it's defense system against them. It's a dastardly plot, but nothing Batman can't solve.

You're stuck in a 2D plane. Move up and down to dodge the killer chattering teeth. Hit the attack button to destroy the teeth - a blue pointer will appear to show you which ones you're missing.

There are tons of power-ups that drop too! Collect them to re-stock your shield, speed boost, or switch weapons. Don't worry, every weapon is pretty good!

For the second section, Joker includes stationary flying bombs. Don't run into them and keep the attack button mashed! Don't forget you can turn left and right to get enemies faster if they're moving away from you.

In the third sequence, defense turrets appear attached to the satellite itself. Fly low and collect bomb power-ups - with a bomb power-up, a prompt will appear when flying near the turrets. Press the build button to launch a missile and destroy each dangerous Joker turret.

Joker's rocket is the last weapon. Collect more bombs and keep shooting the rocket. When it stops, unleash those collecting missiles to bring it's hearts down.

Once you defeat the mini-boss, Superman and the rest of the League arrive to help out. This level ain't over yet.

Cyborg and Flash join up with Space Batman. Use Batman's space laser to melt the gold brick and collect the token to unlock Cyborg's Magnet Suit. Cyborg already has a ton of costumes, but we'll cover those once they become important.

Straight ahead, there's a huge revolving object with a section of blue magnetic bricks. Wait for those to come into view then press the build button.

Joker's goons are swarming the area! Watch out for thugs, turrets, and flying shooters. Fight to the forcefield and use Cyborg's Demolition Suit to destroy the rotating silver bricks. It works just like Batman's Power Suit, Batman just can't change right now - he can't breathe in space after all.

Bringing the shield down causes a Joker missile to smash into the satellite. Fight to it and melt the visible gold brick, then construct the pieces into a Flash fast-build panel. Stand on the panel with Flash, hold down the attack button and target the glowing Lego objects.

Jump into the launcher to come crashing down back toward the satellite.

Inside the hangar, move left and bust out Cyborg's magnet suit to interact with the magnetic blue Lego bricks. Use Bats' space suit laser to melt through the gold brick wall and construct the hopping bricks.

What do they form? A jetpack refueler of course! Fill up with Batman's space suit then fly to the right side of the hangar.

A swarm of Joker goons will appear as Batman lands. Take care of them and pull the switch, then use the power suit to blast the glittery silver lego bricks in the background. Build the bricks to create - a treadmill? Only Flash can use this.

Time to get Flash over. Switch to Cyborg's Space Suit and use the jetpack charger station to reach the upper left hangar platform with metallic Lego bricks. Pull the bricks with Cyborg's magnet suit and step on the button inside.

Cyborg has to stay on the button to keep the gold bricks revealed. Use Batman to fly back over and melt the bricks with his space suit laser.

Return to the right side of the hangar and use Cyborg's magnet suit on the pictured area above. Build the bricks into a turn-style, push the green end, and get up there with Flash to jump onto the treadmill!

Finally the locked hangar doors open. The League are inside the satellite, but there's still that problem with a mess of villains hanging out inside.

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