Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 4: Space Station Infestation

Starting where the previous level left off, the Justice League needs to navigate the hangar with - Wonder Woman, Robin, Cyborg and Flash.

It isn't exactly clear what to do yet. Move up the steps on the left ahead, then pull the magnetic bricks and bomb the silver bricks with Cyborg's costumes.

Cyborg can hack panels too - build the hopping bricks from the destroyed silver object and use the panel to reveal a token inside a glass bubble. Use Cyborg's Sonar Suit to free the token.

Grab the Sphere Suit token with Robin - this allows him to use the sphere contraption that raises up under the magnetic bricks.

Enter a sphere bubble while standing on the sphere panel and the camera will focus on red lasers and a door. Move around while stuck in the sphere panel to open the door, then destroys the lasers with Robin, Cyborg, or Wonder Woman's ranged attack.

In a new room, follow the ghostly bricks over to a green screen with the Joker's face on it. Blow up the metal bricks, build the pieces, and hack the computer with Cyborg or techno suit Robin. Click the face in the center, then open the boxes to receive a new costume token!

This is Cyborg's Giant Suit! It turns him into a huge fighting robot - pretty neat, right? He's super strong, so follow the ghostly blue studs over to a large object with green handles. These can only be lifted by super-powerful character like Cyborg's giant suit.

Pick it up and throw it away while taking care of Joker's thugs. Straight ahead there's a door with glowing red cracks. These can also only be smashed by super strong heroes. Punch the wall down with Cyborg's giant suit to start the level proper.

It's Wonder Woman and Flash against Firefly in the burning control center. Defeat the enemy goons and Firefly will destroy everything in sight, leaving a pile of hopping bricks in the center of the arena. Build them to create a Flash fast build panel. Use it with Flash to construct a water cannon.

Jump into the turret and shoot water straight at Firefly until he's defeated. To get by all that wreckage, put out the Lego brick fires covered an orange grapple handle. Once it's clear, Wonder Woman can use her whip to bring all that wreckage down.

Cheetah is the next villain you'll face. First she pounces Wonder Woman (or Flash!) so switch characters or have your partner attack her. Damaging her sends out a swarm of Joker thugs, clear them and repeat the process with Cheetah!

After two hits, Cheetah retreats onto a gold Lego laser. Build the hopping bricks in the center, then stand on the new Shield Deflect Spot to aim the laser back at her gold perch.

The rest of the fight plays out with alternating sequences of Joker thugs and Cheetah pounce attacks. Defeat her to switch perspectives and give chase to Croc and Grundy with Robin and Cyborg.

Blow open the silver bricks to the left, build the Sphere Slot and switch to Robin's sphere suit. Move around in the sphere to activate a jetpack refueler, then use the fan to reach it.

Switch to Cyborg's space suit, refule, and fly to the platform on the right where Cyborg can pull the green super strength handles using his new Giant Suit.

Melt the gold bricks to turn off the lasers on the magnetic pathway - switch to Robin, use his Magnet Suit to climb the blue magnetic path and hack the techno panel port with his tech suit.

Step on both switches on the lowered lift to ride it up. Both giant super-villains are hiding, so it's up to this dynamic duo to find them.

Use the Illumination Suit charger just left of the lift and look in the small alcove with the glowing gold sparkles. There are hopping bricks here that, once built, reveal a gold panel.

Good thing Cyborg comes equipped with a laser. Cut through the gold wall to reveal Grundy! Don't let him hide, switch to the Giant Suit and punch through the new cracked wall.

Mash whatever buttons appear on screen, they're randomized, to defeat Grundy and start the hunt for Killer Croc.

Charge Robin's Illumination Suit and walk to the crate to the right of Grundy's unconscious minifig to reveal a wall of silver bricks. Blow them up with Cyborg's demolition suit! Smash the crates, build the pieces, and jump on the green panel on the pump to get Croc out of hiding.

Finally it's up to Batman and Superman to defeat Joker with Lex Luthor. In the party house, Joker sends a group of drones to take on the Dark Knight. Like that'll work. Smash up the bots, then defeat the second wave of thugs Joker sends you way.

Next up, Lex Luthor appears in his charged-up kryptonite-powered super-suit. Switch to Superman and use your laser eye beams to bring down his health bar - Batman's batarangs just won't cut it this time.

As the fight continues, Joker will summon even more thugs. Deal with them or not, Superman really is completely invulnerable. Only Lex's kryptonite cannon will hurt him.

Once the third pod of minions appears, destroy the purple present and build the parts to form a fast build. Superman can do these just like Flash!

It creates an Electricity Panel - these only work with another one of Batman's suits. Fly onto the back platform, melt the gold objects and build the hopping bricks to create a ladder so Batman can reach the suit token in glass. His sonar suit will get it free.

With the Electricity Suit equipped, use the charging station just to the right of the token. Once Batman is lit up with arcs of electricity, return to the blue electricity panel below. Hold down the build key to charge it up and defeat Lex.

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