Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 7: Europe Against It

Back at the Watchtower, fly to the Control Room and interact with the holographic star map. This is where you can replay levels and select the next stage - Europe Against It.

The world's tiny! Batman, Super Man and Wonder Woman are stuck in Paris where Brainiac plots to steal the miniaturized city. Destroy the brown tricolor object and get to the bridge past the Eiffel Tower.

But Brainiac smashes it! Look down the street for a Wayne Enterprises truck. Melt the gold locks and grab Batman's Scuba Suit.

While underwater, target the glowing orange Lego brick struts on the opposite end of the bridge to get across. Set a bomb on the silver trick and continue right along the road, dodging Brainiac's explosive blasts and shrink rays!

At the fountain square, scan the debris blocking your path with Batman's sensor suit. Pull the grapple point and move on to the Arc de Triomphe.

Defeat 20 Brainiac bots and Brainiac shrinks Paris! Next target: London. Switch to the Scuba Suit and explore the water to the right. Pull the grapple point on the bridge while underwater then climb up to the bridge.

Back in the city, Brainiac enlarges a double decker bus to block the way. Scan it with the sensor suit to reveal a gold strip of Lego bricks.

What do to? Melt the bricks with Superman or Batman's laser attack. With the obstruction clear, move to the fountain square where a telephone booth blocks the way. Blast the glass with the sonar suit. Drain the electricity with the electricity suit, then do a sensor suit scan. Pull the grapple point to enter another section of the city.

Back at the water, Brainiac will spill sludge into the river. Fly over it and melt the gold bricks with Superman's laser vision.

Now everyone can reach the gates outside Buckingham Palace. Equip the Electricity Suit and smash every Lego brick object outside the fences to construct hopping bricks into an electricity socket.

Get through the gates and take down the thugs a second time.

Italy is up next. The giant Brainiac robot unleashes tons of attacks along with minions. Dodge the attacks and take care of 8 thugs. Once all 8 are defeated, build the hopping bricks in the foreground nearby the villain into a mirror. Hide behind it and he'll become vulnerable - hit him with heat vision!

When Brainiac retreats, he sends 16 more robots into the fray. Defeat them all, build the hopping bricks, and pull on the grapple handle with Batman to redirect the shrink ray beam correctly.

Defeat the last wave, build the hopping bricks, and push the green turn-style to complete this quick level.

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