Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 16 Aug 2017 12:40
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Level 8: Big Trouble in Little Gotham

To start the level, use the level select hologram and complete all three virtual challenge. The last challenge is tricky, just way for the red guards to walk by before running toward Brainiac.

Gotham is the villain's next big target! Target the green glowing vats and build the hopping bricks into a turn-style. Push it and you'll find a hazard disposal vat. Smash everything on the street and collect the debris with Luthor's Hazard suit.

Use Cyborg's magnet suit on the vats, destroy the silver truck and cross the fire with Luthor's Shield Suit. Don't miss the stuff on the rooftop! Deposit all the items to create a slime bomb. Transform in a giant suit and get throwing.

Joining Joker and Flash, jump over to the Teeter-Totter and use Joker's Electricity Suit to short out the sparking socket. Destroying the ride and leaving a mess of hopping bricks, build the debris into a sphere slot the Joker can use.

The funhouse opens up. Go inside and jump up the blue/white walls before they crush you - only Flash can do it. Go to the ferris wheel, smash the Lego bricks and build a treadmill. Construct the pieces of the destroyed ride and use the fast build plate with Flash. Now you have yourself a rollercoast!

It just needs power. Switch to Joker's Electricity Suit and charge up the panel near the ride cars.

Over on Poison Ivy's rooftop, Robin hangs out with Cheetah and Solomon Grundy. Instead of fighting Brainiac, you'll need to fight killer plants instead.

Move right to the water and jump on the lily pad near the metal statue. Pull down the ladder with Robin's grapple. Above you can get Robin's dive suit!

Robin's Dive Suit also has a laser for melting gold bricks. You're going to need to to destroy all three roots.

There's a cracked wall to the left of the gazebo. Smash the plants in your way and punch the cracks with Grundy, then dig up the paw-print dirt with Cheetah to reveal the first gold root.

The second is in a building to the left. Jump to the roof and stomp-attack to smash through the ceiling and reveal a dig site. Dig up the second root with Cheetah.

The last one is in a water-filled building near the roof where you got the dive suit. Drop into the water, melt both gold valves, dig the dirt with Cheetah and destroy the last root to enter the greenhouse.

Send Grundy inside the green house to sink into a swamp. Pull the grapple handle on the cannon to chase off Brainiac one more time.

This time he's back in his huge ship. It's smaller than before, but still big enough to defeat some Lego heroes if they're not careful.

Watch out for the tentacle slams and clone minions! Wait until one of the tentacles goes underground and sticks up into the air while malfunctioning. Back away and hit the top of the tentacle with any ranged attack to hurt it.

When the tentacles fall down, you'll notice they now have silver metal Lego bricks. Blow those silver bricks away with Batman's Power Suit missiles.

Next comes the laser! Scan the arena around the yellow street line with the Sensor Suit and construct the revealed bricks into a Wonder Woman shield plate. Switch to Wonder Woman and step on the plate to redirect the beam straight at Brainiac!

Aim for the teeth to bust the ship open and collect even more hopping bricks. Put them together and use Flash on the fast build icon to finally capture Brainiac. For now, at least.

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