Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Table of Contents

Chapter 8: An Ancient Civilization

Mini-Boss: Golem

This tough enemy appears twice in the campaign and takes on many different forms during each fight. He takes a lot to bring down, so unleashing Umbran Climax will often lead to a stun.

When the tiny orb is revealed that's your cue to hit it with everything you've got.


Crystal Form: The basic form of the Golem boss. This form summons lasers on it's four cardinal direction points, while spinning like a drill.

Sword Form: Eventually the Golem will transform into a sword-on-a-stand. This strange shape loves juggling Bayonetta in the air before bringing it's blade back down.

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