Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 9: The Gates of Hell

Mini-Boss: Golem

The Golem returns with another powerful form. The Crystal and Sword shapes return, but not it moves around the arena as a massive four-legged animal.

Dodge when the bird form spins into the ground to leave it stunned. Or watch for the bull to summon a massive golden blast. You'll have time to dodge through the main beam and attack him from the side.


Bird Form: In it's first form, the Golem spreads it's wings and shoots sonic blasts. Otherwise, it uses an overhead swing, or drills into the ground and leaves itself temporarily vulnerable.

Bull Form: Dish out enough damage and it transforms into a larger bull shape. This one jumps around the arena, firing off lasers and shifting positions between rapid charges.

Boss: The Prophet

A strange villain appears alongside the Masked Lumen. This creature doesn't want Bayonetta to reach Inferno. Whatever he wants you're going to have to deal with him. He's incredibly powerful, so be prepared for a tough fight.

The Prophet starts with Bayonetta flying in the air. That means you won't be able to air-juggle. Focus on watching his arm movements and dodging his fast attacks.

His moves are big, but they're quick. Be prepared to dodge and watch out for the Prophet when he knocks you back and puts space between you. Keep the pressure on by shooting but the Prophet often shields himself.

Do enough damage and the Prophet will unleash a few new attacks. It comes after he summons up a tower and throws it at Bayonetta.

The battle doesn't last as long as one against the Lumen Sage. The Prophet goes down faster but fights harder and harder. It helps to watch for the Prophet's tells, build the magic meter, and unleash Umbran Climax.


Hand-Clap: Summoning his fists from both sides the Prophet slams his palms together. The shockwave separates Bayonetta from the Prophet, leaving you open for another attack.

Fist Beam: At range, the Prophet pushes both fists forward and fires a linear beam. The fists will linger a moment before the beam launches, giving you a moment to escape the attack.

Hook: As common as the Fist Beam - this simple punch attack happens often. Usually it comes after a Fist Beam, or right before he shields himself.

Shockwave: When spreading his arms and pointing downward at an angle, be prepared to dodge to escape an annoying shockwave. Like the hand-clap it knocks you back and forces Bayonetta to chase after the Prophet.

Debris Throw: After throwing the giant tower at Bayonetta the Prophet will start throwing balls of stone bricks forward. This slower version of the beam hits harder. Wait for the debris projectile to appear over the boss' head then dodge.

Debris Sword: Instead of throwing a boulder of junk, he'll form a huge sword and swing it horizontally. Because she's flying be ready to dodge through the bat-swing.

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