Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 11: Inferno and Its Ruler

Boss: Alraune

Another chapter, another lengthy boss fight. Alraune is the closest thing you'll encounter to Inferno's ruler. To save Jeanne, you're going to have to take care of this talkative demon.

Phase 1:

For the first part of the fight, you'll face Alraune in her human-ish form. Here she fights similar to other bosses like the Lumen Sage. She attacks fast and unleashes several unique magic attacks to mix things up.

Unlike the Masked Lumen she won't flinch nearly as much if you attack her. That means going completely wild with offensive attacks doesn't work quite as well.

But, she doesn't have as many defensive abilities either. Namely, she won't summon up a shield and try to slow-down time. That's a big plus.

Some of her attacks can't be interrupted at all, so watch your combos carefully. When a shield appears over her, you'll know she won't flinch. Her attacks will punch straight through your's, so the only option is to evade.


Claw Combo: Her basic claw attacks. She'll use these whenever you're close. They deal minimum damage, but she can catch you in a three-hit combo and send Bayonetta flying back, leaving her open to other attacks.

Flower Summon: To make matters trickier, Alraune will summon two demonic flowers that barf green goo on the ground. Dodge away from them and shoot or strike during Witch Time to quickly kill the summoned monsters before focusing on Alraune.

Thorn Stomp: In close-combat Alraune will launch herself in the air before coming crashing down, generating a ring of thorns in a circle on the ground.

Violet Whip: TWatch for the massive spiny whip as it's generated in her hand, and wait patiently for her to try and crack it. It isn't as fast as other attacks, so give her a moment before attempting to dodge.

Whip Kick: Unlike the summoned whip, these kicks are almost instantaneous. At medium range, she'll hop up and kick, creating a whip that lashes forward. Wait to dodge mid-jump and you should safely avoid these annoying attacks.

Claw Lunge: When Alraune reaches back with both hands, her fingers will flash red, indicating she's about to lunge forward and attack. Watch out, this attack can't be interrupted. She'll take damage, but it won't stop the attack from hitting Bayonetta.

Phase 2:

Take her down and she'll grow even bigger while absorbing Jeanne. Time to take this flowery demon down for good.

Her scorpion torso and claws might be big, but she's even faster than before. When she raises her limbs, be prepared for a swipe or two in quick succession.

She's a formidable opponent with a handful of devastating attacks. Dodging is paramount to build your magic meter and unleashing Umbran Climax, which knocks the giant monster around like nothing.

Stunning the boss allows Bayonetta to automatically attempt to pull open the container holding Jeanne. It doesn't work, but it will hurt the boss.

Don't forget to use your collected crafting items in the menu! Mix up green or purple lollipops to keep your health and magic up.


Claw Swipe: As her clawed limbs rise up she'll swing horizontally. Sometimes this comes with a leap forward, so don't think you're safe even while far away or behind it.

Stinger: When her tail coils back and her hind legs raise, watch out for the stinger as it plunges into the ground. This always lands directly ahead of Alraune.

Magical Blast: Forming a purple circle in her hands, she'll launch an orb of energy that explodes on contact. Watch out - just dodging the blast isn't good enough, the explosion as it hits the ground can also damage Bayonetta. This attack, thankfully, can be interrupted while it's charging.

Belly Flop: If Alraune launches up into the air, be prepared or her to come crashing right down. Dodge a moment after the leap and you'll earn some Witch Time to attack. This attack leaves Alraune pretty vulnerable, so get in a good combo.

Soul Steal: Alraune jumps back and begins sucking Bayonetta into the crystal on her torso. There's no way to avoid this, just let her suck you in then quickly waggle the left stick to escape.

Tail Spin: If you're a few lengths away from Alraune, she'll attempt to swat Bayonetta with her tail. Dodge through the tail and use the long recovery time to hit the boss hard in the back.

Machinegun Magic: Keep bringing the boss' health down, and she'll use a few desperation attacks. When spreading her arms and showing her palms, she'll fire a series of explosive magic bursts at the ground in an arc. Staying close to Alraune's front will make this attack fly right over your head harmlessly.

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