Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 12: The Lumen Sage

Boss: Balder

The man behind everything in Bayonetta 1 is back afterall. The Masked Lumen was just Balder in disguise - a younger version, trying to get revenge. Time to take care of him again, but this time he doesn't have a laser satellite to help.

Phase 1:

Unlike the other fights against Balder he's got a whole new set of attacks. Don't completely rely on past knowledge.

He flies on angelic feathered wings, uses the same defensive shield, and summons huge Paradiso lances to hit Bayonetta from afar.

Along with his beefed up attack range, he can also move much faster on his wings. When he separates himself, keeping shooting with a gun to keep him on his toes. Like the previous fight he'll summon a shield, but you'll still hit him while he tries to summon up another attack.


Lance Lunge: Balder slides across the arena and summons a massive lance. This is a homing attack, so wait until he's close before evading away.

Ground Spike: As Balder raises his arm, a gold circle will appear on the ground right before a lance blade springs upward. If you're caught by the attack, you'll be stuck in an air-juggle state. He uses this one often.

Sage Time: Like the second battle against the Masked Lumen, Balder will hold out one hand and launch a linear beam that stuns Bayonetta in slow-motion. Waggle the left stick rapidly to escape. He does this often, usually in retaliation for attacking his shield.

Juggle Back-Swing: His sword will appear low to the ground before swinging upward. If you're caught by this attack, he'll follow with a jump and catch you with a series of painful stabs. This is one of his most dangerous combos.

Sword Throw: Whether close or far away Balder will spawn a sword behind his back before launching it forward like a projectile.

Sword x3 Combo: If you let him, Balder will swing a massive sword three times. One left, one right, then an overhead smash. Dodge through it - the sword is big enough to cross most of the arena, then hit him in Witch Time to interrupt his combo.

Phase 2:

Bring him down to half-health and the arena will become untethered, shaking up the arena and making an already difficult fight worse with all the pandemonium going on in the background.

Predictably, Balder fights even harder and unleashes a few new moves. He'll also step-up his defensive game, firing off more Sage Time beams, teleporting, and attempting to catch Bayonetta off guard with a volume of attacks.


Feather Barrage: One of his slowest moves, Balder creates a swarm of floating feathers over his head. With a command, each layer launches forward like homing missiles.

Fire Boulder: Another slower attack, this one is similar to Alraune's purple energy summon. Hit Balder enough to interrupt it, or be prepared to dodge the projectile and the following explosion.

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