Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 14: The Witch Hunts

Boss: Sapientia

This stage is populated with returning bosses from Bayonetta 1. But this time Cereza is riding an ultra-powerful mechsuit, making each of the many boss battles in this chapter much easier than their original incarnations.

Even still, knowing how to fight this guy in Bayonetta 1 won't help. His behavior is completely different now, he moves around the arena.

The suit can evade through attacks just like Bayonetta on-foot. If you want to hit enemies, including this boss and future ones in the chapter, use a simple [P+P~Hold~P] combo.

When Sapientia leaps away and unleashes it's missile barrage, dodge then double-tap evade to quickly zip back into close-combat.

Hit Umbran Climax and this little fight comes to an end.


Bite Lunge: When facing you, the huge mouth will crack open before jumping forward. It takes a long time to charge up, so you should have plenty of time to dodge and hit the monster's sides or legs while it tries to turn.

Tentacle Lasers: The face flips up and four tentacles appear. Each of the gross things shoots a concentrated laser beam. Dodge through it and keep hitting him!

Missile Leap: Making a quick escape, Sapientia flips away and launches of barrage of slow-moving homing missiles.

Boss: Worship

The flying battleship appears to give Umbran Witches everywhere a problem. This time you'll be fighting in the sky, but there's no way to get around the golden shield.

Dodge through the massive laser and Bayonetta will target the smaller, creepier faces on the sides. This little things only have one attack - they split open and a disgusting worm attempts to bite you. Be prepared to evade when the plaster face divides!

Kill both tiny faces to deal with Worship's main core. Save your Umbran Climax meter to quickly tear the boss apart.


Face Biter: As Bayonetta evades Worship's salvo, you'll settle on the smaller faces on each side. Watch for their deadly bite attack. The creepy unmoving visage splits and a monstrous creature jumps out to bite Bayonetta.

Broadside: Do enough damage to each face and Worship will retreat to launch a deadly broadside. A mixture of slow dumb-bombs and homing missiles fly toward Bayonetta. Dodge through the first salvo then double-tap evade and zip in close to pass the rest.

Forward Cannons: During the last phase of the fight Worship only has one attack. He retreats and unleashes a huge array of missiles. Like the broadside attack, all you need to do is dodge through the first then move forward to escape.

Boss: Iustitia

Right as Worship goes own, Iustitia joins in and engages Bayonetta. It starts by attacking with it's tentacle appendages, then quickly shifts to dealing with Bayonetta with it's gross face floating in the rainbow-colored core.

This guy doesn't have much health, but he sports a range of fast attacks you'll have to dodge. Roll through it's tentacle swings and evade the missiles to build your Umbran Climax and quickly end this fight.

Don't forget that Umbran Climax upgrades your basic gun attack too. Keep shooting to really wreck Iustitia even when he's far away.


Headbutt: As the central head in the center of Iustitia's ball backs away, be prepared for it to speed forward head-first.

Rainbow Beam: While the center head stays still, the rest of the body will start spinning wildly in circles. Start moving left or right and shooting with your basic gun attack. Keep moving and you'll avoid it.

Face-Straight: When the smaller tentacles with the angelic face glows, expect it to speed forward. Dodge left or right and you can deal some damage.

Thorn Bite: Like the straight, the thorn bite is a simple attack that comes from the left or right. Watch for the plant-like appendage to open.

Beams / Barrage: Instead of entering a headbutt attack, Iustitia may swarm it's venus fly-trap tentacles or smaller face tentacles. The thorn vines shoot a chaotic spray of purple beams while the faces launch missiles.

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