Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 15: Truth

Boss: Loptr

The young Prophet appears to deal with Bayonetta himself. Loptr sports a series of spectral arms that summon up rapid-fire magic attacks that effect a wide area of the arena.

Phase 1:

Magical markers will appear on the ground, usually color-coded to signify what type of attack you'll deal with next.

Most of his close-combat attacks are totally killer, and he comes with a load of stunning attacks that can leave Bayonetta completely vulnerable. Avoid the ice and watch out for shrinking blue magical emblems.

While Loptr charges his area-effect attacks like Holy Rain and Ice Traps, you'll have a small window to hit him. And, just like Balder, he usually protects himself with an annoying shield that breaks under combo attacks but deflects bullets.

Bring plenty of health items and use a combination of stunning attacks to keep Loptr down. Use [P+P+P~Charge~P] or any other charge attacks while he pauses to knock Loptr off his (floating) feet.


Six-Arm Shove: Loptr's punches are slightly slower than other opponents like Balder. Watch for his spectral arms to ball-up into fists - all six of them. He'll either push in every direction or shove directly forward.

Power Punches: Just like the shove attack Loptr's fists raise up and punch forward. Usually they'll appear on the left or right in groups of three.

Rapid-Fire Punches: Before you can even react Loptr will launch a killer barrage of powerful punches. Evade out of the stun to avoid taking too much damage.

Ice Traps: Watch for blue ice mines to appear on the ground. Touching or even dodging through these traps will stun Bayonetta. Waggle the left stick to escape.

Electricity Trap: Like the ice traps, watch out as a huge blue circle shrinks at Bayonetta's feet. Dodge just as it shrinks around her to avoid getting stunned.

Holy Rain: Watch for yellow rings to appear. Dodge through or transform to get away before magical spikes rain down onto the arena.

Phase 2:

Do some damage and Loptr throws an asteroid special order from space. Mash the prompted key and you'll enter phase 2 of the boss battle. Just like the first sequence, Loptr uses all the same moves along with a few new ones.

He's even faster now, but this section can end fast with the right usage of Umbran Climax. Use purple lollipops or save the meter for this section, unleash it, and put this chapter down.


Fist Beam: Loptr's glowing fists form into a beam and shoot forward. Predictable but damaging if it lands a hit.

Magic Orbs: Holding his arms in a wave pattern over his head, he'll launch orbs one after another.

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