Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 16: Sovereign Power

Boss: Loptr

The adult version of Loptr fights just like his younger incarnation. His floating arms aren't visible, but they're still there and ready to deliver a pounding to any player not quick on their toes with the evade button.

Loptr's shield is stronger than ever. He swiftly moves around the arena and mixes up the battle with a complicated array of attacks. Staying alive means knowing how to dodge through his moves and knowing when to hit back.

Like Balder, it's possible to stun and interrupt some of Loptr's moves. Even when he isn't affected, it's still worthwhile to attack while he's preparing a magic assault. Evade through it then continue your combo.

Keep the pressure on! Pop a few purple lollipops to build your meter, just don't let it go to waste. Wait for him to pull off one of the larger attacks listed below, then go all out and keep him in a stunned / interrupted state for huge damage.


Fist Beam: Watch out as Loptr thrusts two fists forward and shoots a powerful beam of blue light straight forward.

Fist Shove: This defensive attack usually follows a blocked combo. Like his other versions, he'll raise a shield if you don't catch him off-guard.

Magic Whip: Like the beam, only this time he coils his arms forward and swings it in a wide horizontal arc. Dodge or jump to get away from it.

Holy Rain: Like the younger Loptr in the last chapter, he summons damaging gold spikes from the sky. Unlike that boss, these energy bolts have very little warning and even more randomness. Transform and dash out of the danger zone or evade to get clear.

Black Hole: Twisting his arms around in a double-helix shape, Lotpr summons a swirling vortex at his feet. Evade just as the vortex appears to escape being sucked in for a series of damaging hits. Stay away from it - it doesn't move.

Ice Traps: This move is virtually identical to the previous Loptr fight. He summons a circle of ice mines and plants them in the ground. Get close and you'll get covered in ice. Bait him out of the ring instead!

Beam Cutter: Lowering his fists to the ground then quickly swinging upward, he'll launch two sets of two blades that fan across the arena at range. This move is especially easy to dodge, so evade twice for some extra magic meter.

Hand Clap: Like the shove, this damaging attack knocks Bayonetta away so Loptr can use his slower projectile attacks instead.

Final Boss: Aesir

This is it. Loptr has both eyes and transforms into the god Aesir. This is one big fight, so if you're not feeling confident, be sure to stock up on health items or save crafting materials.

You can also mix up new items in combat at any time to help make this battle a little easier.

Phase 1:

In the first phase, Balder joins with Bayonetta to fight Aesir on a platform floating in some ethereal plane of existence - or just space. Whatever is going on, Aesir doesn't mess around. He's the toughest opponent yet, with more abilities and faster moves than ever before.

Like Loptr, Aesir floats and teleports while summoning magical fists to complete his attacks. This time the fists are bigger than he is, so expect huge hit-boxes. Usually that ends up being an advantage, just dodge just as his attacks begin and you're almost guaranteed to enter Witch Time.

Aesir has a handful of mind-bending attacks, but thanks to Balder you'll have some help for the first phase of the fight. Watch out for his red-magic spell that slows down the entire arena for a period of time. There's no dodging it, you just have to interrupt him with an attack.

Do enough damage, and Aesir will summon bomber planes to drop their payloads on the arena. The explosions are preempted with white markers.

Aesir uses many of the same attacks as Loptr only more powerful. They're noticeably larger in scope, so adjust your evades accordingly.


Kick Combo: One major difference between Aesir and Loptr is that this god-figure gets into the fight himself. He'll leap into a punch-kick combo in close-combat, so be prepared!

Flying Swoop: Jumping into the sky and outside the boundaries of the arena leads to Aesir's swoop attack, where he sweeps over the area.

Fist Shove: A simple attack similar to the one used with Loptr. He'll attempt to knock you back with two flat palms pushing forward.

Sky Beam: Like the horizontal beam, this fast attack spawns a circular marker on the ground just before a killer space ray hits to arena. It has a relatively small area-of-effect compared to some of his other attacks.

Aesir Time: Watch for Aesir to summon red energy from his hands. Before he raises his hand, attack him to interrupt the spell or you'll be trapped in slow-motion for a short duration.

Lightning Orb: In an instant, Aesir can stun Bayonetta and trap her inside an orb. Once caught, he'll summon extra homing orbs to hit. Break free with some serious left-stick waggling and evade.

Phase 2:

Once Aesir has had enough of Balder's meddling he'll summon a space laser from Platinum's other bonkers game The Wonderful 101 to blast the arena. Now Bayonetta has to continue the fight alone, flying in space.

He loses some attacks but gains others. Most of his skills are retained in the second section of the fight, but you'll have to be extra careful without Balder distracting him.

Watch out for Aesir's new off-screen attacks. He summons a massive laser and missiles to sweep over the arena.

Eventually Aesir will throw the entire installation at Bayonetta, but she takes care of it the best way she knows how - throwing it back at Aesir and destroying it. Annoyingly, that doesn't stop his Space Laser attack. I guess Aesir has spares.

The slow-motion attack also returns, as well as the stunning lightning orb move. Dodge just as the circle around Bayonetta closes around her feet, or hit Aesir as he raises a hand glowing with red magic.

To make matters worse, Aesir will begin summoning multiple attacks at once before he goes does. Missile Barrages mixed with Black Holes along with a rapid-fire punch combo. Keep up the pressure - fast punch combos ended with kicks tend to interrupt him and knock him off balance.

Once he's down for the counter, Bayonetta separates his soul from his body - with a little help from Balder. Back on the mountain summit, Aesir can't fight back at all. Just beat him up and activate the Climax attack.

Finishing things off, Jeane appears. Steer the flying soul directly into Jeanne's Infernal Demon to bring an end to Bayonetta 2.


Missile Barrage: From off-screen Aesir will summon guns to fire a barrage of side-winder missiles to fly past the arena. They don't lock-on or home-in but it's likely they'll land a lucky hit if you don't evade through.

Space Laser: Keeping that space laser handy, Aesir makes the weapon platform appear and fires it on Bayonetta. It follows her so dashing won't cut it. Evade just as the light flashes and a chime plays.

Orb Swarm: Like the larger orbs he summons, this time Aesir calls forth a small swarm of electricity balls and launches them in waves at Bayonetta. As long as you dodge through the first one, you shouldn't have a problem getting by the rest.

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