Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Table of Contents

Prologue: World of Chaos

Mini-Boss: Belief

After dealing with the Centaurs, Paradiso sends a bigger bad guy to deal with Bayonetta. This lumbering one-armed giant chases Bayonetta down on top of a moving train.

Phase 1:

This is the first mini-boss in Bayonetta, so it's important to get down the basics. He isn't very hard, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice. Dodging is Bayonetta's most important offensive and defensive skill.

Dodging right before an attack will help you avoid it, and unleash Witch Time - slowing down time for a moment and allowing you to safely counter-attack.

Always watch for tells. Later in the game you'll be able to purchase skills like Air Dodge, Dodge Offset, Bat Within, Crow Within, etc that will further improve your dodging ability, offering more leeway and improving their defensive ability.

It's important to understand every bosses' attacks, when to dodge, and when to punish them with a good string of combos. The more combos you have, the more meter you'll built to unlock Umbran Climax, which powers up your attacks significantly and increases their range.

The first phase is fairly easy. Hit it with combo strings, Evade through its attacks, and you'll get to phase 2.


Tentacle Swing: While running along the side of the train, Belief will throttle one tentacle length-wise across the top of the train. Evade through it or jump over as it rears back. You should see Belief flash gold before it attacks.

Tentacle Slam: Once Bayonetta knocks Belief away, it'll chase behind the train and try to catch on. Hit the hanging tentacle hard and it'll attempt to follow-up by slamming down across the full length. You have to Evade through the tentacle to avoid damage - enter Witch Time and punish Belief's offending tentacle while it sits still.

Rail Switch: After a tentacle swing or two, Belief will switch sides by rolling across it. Again, this is telegraphed so be prepared with an Evade. Time it right and you'll have time to attack in Witch Time while it's slowed.

Green Goo Barf: During the second phase of the fight Belief's face will crackle open and launch a giant green blob at Bayonetta. If you're caught, you'll be stunned for several moments. Waggle the left stick to break free.

Phase 2:

Stepping off the train, Bayonetta has to deal with Belief on foot. You're not face-to-face with him anymore, so this is where the fight gets a little trickier.

Luckily Jeanne is here to back you up. Attack the legs and it'll be forced to try to stomp you away. Don't let it - keep hamming the legs, Evade through the stomp, then Umbran Climax while in Witch Time to put this big guy down.

Stun him enough and Jeanne will help out with a Punish attack, making this fight even shorter. When his health is bottomed out, hit the Climax to enter the second boss fight in this stage.


Foot Stomp: The easiest attack to Evade through, Belief telegraphs by rising a foot up menacingly. Just Evade and hit him back to catch Belief in a stun-lock. Keep hitting him and juggling with P+P+P-K combos and he'll barely be able to retaliate.

Tentacle Slam: If you're far away, this is Belief's preferred attack. Faster than before, it's better to avoid this one all together by getting in close and hitting Belief's stubby legs.

Boss: Gomorrah

Something isn't right in Inferno. Instead of working with Bayonetta, this massive demonic Tyranno takes Jeanne's soul. It's coming for Cereza next, so be prepared for a real fight this time.

Phase 1 (Only):

For this section of the fight, Bayonetta flies while Gomorrah climbs. He has a limited number of attacks, so get in close and attack his snout, Evading through the attacks listed below.

Evade through his bite attack, Umbran Climax, and keep hitting him as he climbs until you reach the top.

At the top of the spire his attacks become more frenetic, frenzied, and tricky to predict. He likes circling the top, so be prepared to Evade even if you don't see an attack incoming.

Wait for the bite and keep hitting, if you get in enough hits to stun it you'll be able to Punish then Climax to bring the fight to a close.


Claw / Tail Swing: The most basic attack. He rears back and slams his claw into the building. Don't let it hit you, or you'll go flying back. He'll swing his tail too once he reaches the top of the tower.

Giant Chomp: Don't get this attack confused with a roar. Wait for Gomorrah's mouth to open wide while backing up. When he lunges forward, dodge and hit him hard with Umbran Climax. He pauses longest after the chomp, giving Bayonetta plenty of time to hit him.

Energy Bubble Roar: His trickiest attack. When his mouth opens, red energy will begin to collect. Evade backwards to avoid the explosion - it's actually tricky to Evade out of this one, it takes slightly longer than it looks to dodge.

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