Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 3: Paradiso - The Gates of Time

Boss: Glamor

Loki's in trouble! Looks like Bayonetta has some saving to do. The fight takes you through the entire chapter, starting in a water funnel and leading all the way up to the Gates of Paradise.

Phase 1:

Inside the funnel Glamor likes keeping far ahead of Bayonetta. Use guns (Love is Blue) to keep the pressure on and damage him while he's far out of range.

Mostly, he likes to whip his tail and drop debris in your path. Dodges out of the way and keep shooting to reach the trickier phases of the chapter.

The only opportunity for close-range attacks comes after it's bite. Evade and enter Witch Time to get in a few combos.


Tail Whip: While Glamor is far ahead of Bayonetta, it swings it's tail in a predictable pattern in and out of the water. Watch for it emerging below and keep dodging - the hit box for this Evade is pretty generous, but it won't reward you with Witch Time.

Debris: Normally you'll get a good view of incoming chunks of building, so maneuver out of the way to avoid damage. Just like a normal attack you can Evade straight through these objects.

Bite Lunge: This attack is much faster than it looks. When Glamor opens its mouth in the distance, be prepared to Evade the second it moves. Evade at the right moment and you'll get Witch Time. This is your only chance to hit the boss with melee attacks, so go nuts.

Phase 2:

Transitioning inside the water funnel, Glamor adds some new attacks to it's repertoire while keeping all the old tricks. Every attack from before makes an appearance, so be prepared to fight.


Ice Barrage: In addition to all the other abilities, Glamor summons a series of ice spears. Evade through them to earn Witch Time and return fire with your preferred guns.

Debris - Part 2: This time the debris come in even larger structures. Don't Evade through these, they're so big you'll take a hit while phasing through.

Phase 3:

Welcome to the Gates of Paradise. Two more Glamors appears to give you trouble while Bayonetta flies through the air.

They have a limited number of attacks, so keep the pressure on and aim for the plaster white faces on the chests.


Fast Bite: Instead of a lunging bite, these add-on Glamors lower their heads before swinging them toward Bayonetta. Evade straight through as they come back up.

Ice Barrage: This time, the barrage of ice spears are generated directly from the mouth. Dodge through one and you'll instantly move toward the boss' gaping maw, giving you a few moments of Witch Time to really hit them hard.

Gold Feathers: Metal feathers will teleport around Bayonetta - later on in series - and glow before hitting. Wait for the sound of shattering crystal then Evade at their brightest to escape the hit.

Phase 4:

Discarding the other two, Bayonetta reaches her target. The main Glamor has more tricks up it's sleeves, but should feel familiar to the last two.

It likes flying away, so perfectly Evade attacks to instantly zip closer into face-punching range. Keep shooting with Love is Blue to keep a constant trickle of damage, while saving Umbran Climax after it attempts to bite.

This is it! Bring it down and save Loki to end the chapter.


Tail Whip: When Glamor flies backwards, it coils up like a snake before spinning it's tail out like a whip from the right side of the screen.

Lunge Bite: A good time to Evade and hit him hard. He pauses the longest after this attack, giving Bayonetta the window she needs to use Umbran Climax.

Claws x4: At medium range, Glamor swings it's claws several times in sequence. Each is well telegraphed, but if you're caught in a Witch Time spiral the next swing might catch you off guard when time returns to normal. Keep Evading it's lumbering swings and you'll appear right in it's face.

Golden Feathers: Once again, it attempts to summon waves of metal feather spikes around Bayonetta. Wait for them to glow their brightest, then dodge out of the way. Too soon and you'll get caught in the trap.

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