Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 4: The Two Meet

Boss: Masked Lumen

Your white-clothed rival stands between Bayonetta and Loki. This guy has skills just like Bayonetta, and you'll punish the player for being too slow. T

his battle, and future battles, are all about effectivily evading, watching for tells, and hammering the Lumen when he's vulnerable.

Phase 1:

During this first phase, the Lumen Sage faces off against Bayonetta in hand-to-hand (and magic) combat. He uses a variety of moves, and loves to switch up his combos or retreat.

Be prepared for him to attack at any moment. Use Evade to quickly cancel out of combos - if you've purchased Dodge Offset, you can continue the combo after dodging.

Not only is Balder fast, he can turn into a Wolf to quickly move around the arena. Just watch out, usually this means he's circling in for a quick bite attack.

Go all out - offense is the best defense in a fight like this. Evade, then strike. Get into the groove of his moments, it's better to hit a preemptive dodge than get caught in a combo string.

Fast close-range weapons work best here. The Rakshasa is the right kind of weapon - built your meter and unleash Umbran Climax.

Unlike other bosses, the Masked Lumen is stunned by regular attacks. Using Umbran Climax will stun-lock him, especially if you perform an air-juggle combo.


Fire Barrage / Flame Spire: When Balder holds out his hand, he'll either summon a spire of fire from the ground or create five fireballs and launch them.

Wolf Fang: Balder will transform into his wolf form and attack Bayonetta if she gets close. Better to keep your distance or shoot with a gun attack until he transforms back.

Shock Orb: If his magical ring flashes blue, be prepared for a large ball of electricity. It's fairly slow moving (for an attack in this game) so it can be dodged without an evade if you time the jump right.

Spear Combo: He spear attacks vary, but he'll enter into a 3-4 hit combo if he catches Bayonetta off-guard. This is his most common attack up-close and he'll pull these low-damage attacks out at a moment's notice. They're designed to knock Bayonetta back so he can unleash more powerful magic spells.

Spear Lunge: If the Sage holds his spear outward, dodge to avoid his quick thrust attack. He'll pause for a moment after completing the forward-slide, giving you some extra time to retaliate.

Paradiso Summon: Like Bayonetta's summon attacks, the Sage will spawn a massive boot from the sky or a claw to swipe her away. These are common powers he'll mix in with a combo, so watch for a golden glow from his hands and evade.

Phase 2:

Do enough damage, and the Sage summons his own giant climactic monster to the fight. Bayonetta's Infernal Summon fights back, but his creature will periodically splinter away and attack Bayonetta personally.

Otherwise, the Lumen mostly uses the same attacks. Don't let the raging battle in the background distract you too much - just keep an eye watching for movement, when the giant monster turns to face it's master, it will unleash a massive blast on the arena.


Paradiso Summon: During the fight, the Masked Lumen will raise his hands to the sky and stand still. This means he's about to command his summoned monster to attack! Lay into the Sage with combos to interrupt the charge-ability.

Air Juggle: More often than before the Masked Lumen will try to swing upward and catch Bayonetta defenseless in the air. Unlock the Air Dodge in the store to make it slightly easier to escape.

Phase 3:

In the final part of this fight you'll do battle with the Masked Lumen in the sky. He's even faster than before, using the Shock Orb even more frequently.

The Masked Lumen can dodge most normal attacks while standing still. He'll phase and teleport away, so try to wait for an attack, dodge, then retaliate. Using gun attacks while waiting is a good way to keep him preoccupied, too.

His summon attack returns, so be prepared to hit him hard while he pauses to command the giant monster in the background.


Kinetic Blast: Hit the Lumen hard enough and he'll blast the surrounding area with an instant wave of energy. It always knocks Bayonetta back and usually leads to his Summon or another magical attack.

Phase 4:

The final phase is totally unique. This time you'll be in control of Madam Butterfly! You only have two attacks - a right hook and a left hook. Alternate between the two when you get close to finish the giant monstrosity off.

Hit dodge when the creature attempts to swing it's right arm. You get Witch Time here too, so keep jamming on [X] and [A] to defeat him and end the chapter.


Punch: While weakened the behemoth only has one attack during this phase of the battle. Use Evade to dodge if you see the arm moving.

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