Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 6: The Bridge to the Heavens

Boss: Valor

It's never that easy. Valor shows up and destroys your bridge in about a second. Pay him back by kicking his butt in the ensuing chapter-long battle.

Phase 1:

Valor dives down into the massive cathedral where the first part of the boss battle takes place. He throws back his arm before each swing, giving you just enough time to predict his attacks.

Keep the pressure on by shooting him when he's too far away. Go for the face, but hitting anywhere on his over-sized armor body works.

When Valor dives out of the tower, he cuts straight through stone to get at Bayonetta. Mash the key on-screen, there's no escaping this QTE. After the first time, expect a surprise attack.

Keep hitting him until you both land in the waters below.


Sword Swing: A basic attack with his right arm. When it raises up, be prepared to dodge. This usually follows after his shield attack while attacking the headless torso.

Shield Swing: Valor holds his face up to protect his chest. Attack the face until it swipes backwards and flies forward again. Very similar to the sword swing.

Shield Ride: Dashing far away, Valor will ride his shield like a hover-board and come flying for you. Very similar to his Sword Shot attack, but you'll have more time to prepare a dodge.

Sword Shot: If Valor backs away, be prepared for the Shield Ride or Sword Shot attack. The Shield Ride is very obvious, so if you don't see him riding his shield, he'll instead shoot the sword straight forward. It's surprisingly fast!

Tower Ambush: Leaving the tower, Valor will return with a surprise attack. Wait to see the dust as he reappears then quickly dodge to escape this surprise attack.

Phase 2:

Underwater, Valor is much more mobile. Instead of falling standing still (in a matter of speaking) he moves back and forth, switching up his attacks more often.

He loses the ranged Shield Ride, Sword Shot, and Ambush attacks, but gains some different skills to keep Bayonetta guessing.

Unlike before, this phase is a much more active fight. Keep up the pressure, there's nothing like gravity to keep Bayonetta back now.

To defeat this monster, bring his health down, then prepare for a swinging-sword attack. To win, hit the Climax buttons to counter-attack and complete the chapter.


Sword Strike: Just like before, Valor raises his shield. After a golden glint, he swings. Either horizontally or vertically - either way, a Dodge will leave him vulnerable.

Spinning Forward: There isn't as much room to fight down here, so instead of riding his shield at range, he spins forward and creates a funnel of water. Like the Shield Ride, there's just enough time to dodge before he unleashes the attack, allowing Bayonetta to hit him in slow-mo while he passes by.

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