Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2017 14:49
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Chapter 7: The Ark

Boss: Insidious

While riding the Ark, one of Inferno's giant monsters comes for Loki. As the battle starts, the monster raises each fin.

Phase 1:

Starting on the Ark, move toward the huge mechanical eye blinking on the back-end of Insidious' fin. It shoots huge blasts of purple energy in a straight line and curves it across the top deck of the Ark.

Dodge directly through it and move in for close-range combat. You should gain some Witch Time, allowing you to transform and zip in close.

When the eye flops out, stunned, you'll get a chance to Punish it for high damage. Every time this happens, Bayonetta will be launched back. Dodge any ranged beams, then transform to get close and continue your assault.


Eye Beam: Each fin sports a massive eye. These are the targets you need to destroy, but they also fire huge deadly energy from far away. The beam is pretty big, but still perfectly safe to dodge through.

Homing Orbs: Still at range, Insidious fires a handful of purple orbs that home-in on Bayonetta. They're slow, so let them approach and dodge to avoid.

Tentacle Whips: A series of tentacles spring out around the eye when you get close. Watch for the tentacles to glow bright red. The glowing tentacles strike first. Sometimes the tentacles will shoot lasers, too!

Blink Smash: The giant lid surrounding the mechanical eye pauses, rumbles, then slams shut to get Bayonetta away while attacking up-close. When the tentacles retract, be prepared.

Phase 2:

After two Punish attacks Insidious spins it's fins and attacks from afar. Dodge the incoming missiles by transforming [Dodge x2] and keeping away, and be prepared for a second fin spin.

When the second eye appears, be prepared for a similar encounter just like Phase 1. The eye brings a handful of new attacks to watch out for, including a knock back that should be avoided.

Whittle down Insidious' health until he flies back and fires another array of missiles. Dodging those leads to Insidious' ultimate attack - sucking Bayonetta inside it's mouth!

Get close and press the button prompt to punish Insidious. That leads directly into Phase 3.


Fin Spin: After two Punish attacks Insidious spins around. This is a massive attack, and tricky to escape without a well-timed dodge. He does it again after using the Homing Missile.

Homing Missiles: Between each fin spin Insidious fires an array of slow-moving homing missiles. They can be avoided by transforming and moving fast. No dodges required, but those work too.

Tentacle Spin: Every tentacle attached to the eye will form at the center of the pupil and spin outward. Whether you dodge or not Bayonetta gets thrown backward and Insidious always follows up with the Vertical Eye Beam.

Vertical Eye Beam: Following the Tentacle Spin, Insidious unleashes a vertical panning Eye Beam. Dodge left or right to avoid it, but it comes much faster than the Eye Beam from Phase 1.

Phase 3:

The eyeball exits the fin on a long stalk, making it much more mobile than before. Now the giant face of Insidious will also launch barrages of missiles while fighting the eye.

Just like the previous Phase, expect to see all the same moves returning. This time, the eye will retreat while shooting off eight lasers at once.

Bring it's health down to zero then wait for Insidious' eye to open up like a mouth. This is your chance to hit Climax and end the boss battle.


Figure-Eight Lasers: One of it's tricky new moves is using every tentacle while retreating away, instantly putting distance between the eye and Bayonetta. While at range the tentacles swing a complicated array of lasers.

Missile Barrage: When the camera shifts to face the central face, dodge through the missiles and resume hitting it's fin-eye with close-range attacks.

Boss: Masked Lumen

The Lumen Sage is back in the center of Insidious! This guy doesn't want to quit. He's tougher than before, but brings most of his old moves. The same strategy works - go offensive and make liberal use out of the Evade move.

Phase 1:

The Sage has his own version of Witch Time. Sage Time is activated when Bayonetta is caught in a golden beam of light he shoots straight forward.

Dodge through his attacks then hit him hard while Witch Time is active. Just like the first time, but it doesn't hurt to go into the fight with extra health items.

Offense works best. Why? If your attacks him while the Masked Lumen attempts to fight-back, he can be stunned and launched backwards. Bring swords and you can out-range him in close-combat, interrupting his attacks.

Don't push too hard - watch for his golden shield defense. This always leads into the Sage Time beam. It helps to unlock Air-Dodge to escape his juggle attacks. If you're launched, use an Evade to escape.


Sage Time: Attacking too hard leads to the Lumen raising a circular shield. Attack the shield again or stand still too long and he'll shoot a beam of light straight forward. If you're caught in this attack, Bayonetta while be stuck moving in slow-motion while the Sage attacks in full-speed.

Summon Punch: Like his normal attacks, this one comes up incredibly fast. Watch for the giant figure to appear above the Masked Lumen.

Homing Barrage: When the Lumen Sage jumps up, be prepared for him to summon five homing orbs.

Phase 2:

Following the cutscene Masked Lumen summons his own monster. That means he also attacks much, much faster than before.

He loves to dodge during this sequence. Watch out when he teleports away, usually that means he'll fire off a Sage Time attack.

Either way, he's even more aggressive than before. Dodge his attacks to build magic meter and use your Umbran Climax to keep him stuck in stunning combos. Bring purple lollipops and save them for this section if it's particularly tough.


Paradiso Summon: Just like the first fight back in the city the Sage will periodically call upon his monster to shoot the arena.

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