Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Doctor in the House

Before the mission can get started, follow the ghost studs to Central Park and use Invisible Woman's psychic forcefield power to move the purple Lego stand until it spits out hopping bricks and hotdogs.

Construct the bricks into a Four Pad, and use it with Mr. Fantastic, which causes the Fantasticar to appear. Hop on to begin Shield's invasion of Latveria.

Dr. Doom's castle is a nasty place. After falling through the sky, the team becomes separated. Pull the handle with Fantastic, then use Sue's power to lift the blocks to create steps.

On the upper ledge, grab a rock with Thing's special move and throw it at the yellow crack, revealing a pull handle for Fantastic to use. Pull the lever, and a ladder will appear.

Switch to Invisible Woman - she too can use Cap Pads! Make sure to keep her shield up before stepping in. Aim for the blue circle to activate the laser bridge.

Across, grab the green handles with Thing and build the hopping bricks into a new Four Pad. Use Mr. Fantastic to reveal a security terminal. Using the computer, simply move the icon over the X and attack to shut the dish off, starting up the laser bridge to the right.

Smash the yellow cracks, then attach each platform to the purple landing. Climb up with Invisible Woman and turn invisible to get by the security cameras. Step on the red button and use her TK bubble special ability to lift the bricks under the glass until they appear upstairs.

Outside the security gate, use Mr. Fantastic to jump up by interacting with the white marker.

Construct the hopping bricks and push the green handle to turn off the red laser fence. Smash the yellow cracks up the steps to find a TK Lego set beyond. Grab it with Invisible Woman, then squeeze through the grating with Mr. Fantastic.

Glide over the gap and pull the glowing handle, build the Four Pad, and use it to open the door below so everyone can enter the next section of the castle.

The Human Torch is surrounded! Come to his rescue by running down the steps and punching through the yellow cracks, then switching to Invisible Woman.

Turn invisible and sneak by the camera to enter the security room. Punch the Doombot and use TK on the glowing purple plug to shut down the camera, allowing Mr. Fantastic to enter the room and use the security terminal.

Pull the handle with Fantastic to lower the ladder, then climb up with Thing to grab the Lego object with green handles. Throw it at the yellow cracks in the background, then switch to Invisible Woman. Smash the crates on the left side of the arena and build the parts into a Cap Pad. Use her to bounce the beam into the blue Lego dish on the left.

Saving Human Torch is a cinch. Just switch to him when you're near. Sadly, he isn't useful yet - instead, use Thing to pull the green handles up the stairs on the left.

Climb the ladder and switch to Fury to rescue him too. Now your team is complete, everyone is reunited. Up the ladder, use Human Torch to destroy the gold brick, then use Invisible Woman to turn the massive turret - now you're ready to pull the lever at the base of the gun.

Follow that order, and you'll blow a hole in the wall to the right. Tug down the pull handle with Mr. F to draw a squad of Doombots down on a lift.

Return to the main courtyard and blast the gold wall with Human Torch's fire beam. Pile into the lift with all five heroes.

Upstairs, it's the Fantastic Four vs. the Green Goblin. Doombots will swarm the heroes while Green Goblin blasts through the castle windows. After a short time, hopping bricks will appear after one window blows open.

Construct the hopping bricks to create a set with green handles. It's Thing's turn to shine. Grab the set and toss it at Goblin. He'll attack without his glider now - smack him with a few attacks until he retreats on his glider.

For the second phase, the hopping bricks will create a flyswatter for Invisible Woman to use. After Goblin is knocked down, he'll attack again on foot. The final pile of hopping bricks is for Mr. Fantastic. Hit Green Goblin one more time to earn yourself a victory, but Dr. Doom is still out there somewhere.

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