Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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That Sinking Feeling

It isn't obvious how to start this level. Destroy the Lego junk next to the computer console where the two AIM soldiers are standing. Construct the pieces to create a security terminal for Iron Man. Match the wires with the image above to complete the puzzle.

Water will put out the fires blocking the gold wall. Iron Man's new armor can fire a cutting beam with his special attack. Use it to cut a hole in the wall, then use Spider-Man's spider-senses to climb the wall inside.

Use senses again on the large pipe and pull both handles to get water flowing into the large door on the right. Jump down to the door with Spider-Man and uses senses yet again to reveal two more pull handles. Well - pull them to put out the fire.

Destroy the no-longer-on-fire Lego things and construct the pieces into a blue generator. Power it up with Thor to open the door. Wade through the swarms of soldiers ahead to reach another massive dock.

Continue to move right to find a boat. Fly up with Iron Man and blast the silver crates to reveal a second blue generator for Thor. Once powered, the crane will move left and sense-dots will appear. Use Spider-Man to reveal pull-handles... and pull the handles!

Build the parts into a terminal. Use it with Iron Man, and navigate the remote sub into both large red buttons.

Cross the new bridge toward the neon green turbine, and destroy the gold crate with Iron Man's beam. The ensuing hopping bricks build yet another blue generator. Charge it to open the door above, leading out and into the next room.

Boss time! M.O.D.O.K. Appears in the arena, covered in a shield. Defeat AIM soldiers until the boss fires a large energy beam - and notice that his shield drops.

Without a shield, he's vulnerable. Use a ranged attack to hit him. He'll get angry, though, and charge a super-attack. Fly off the arena to avoid it, then attack him while stunned to hurt him.

He follows the same pattern two more times. Once defeated, things get crazy.

Appeared underwater, the heroes have to stay inside Jean Grey's water bubble. Destroy the green Lego ruins to the left of the intricate door in the background to reveal white cracks in the ground. Smash those cracks with Thor!

The hopping bricks construct a starfish on the door. When it stops waving, use spider-senses and then grab the pull handles with webs to open the path through the wreckage.

Continue right back onto the sea bed until spotting some Greek-ish ancient ruins. Use spider-senses to reveal pull handles, which in turn makes white cracks become visible. Smash through the cracks with Thor's hammer.

One ruin destroyed leads to another silver blockade. Blow the silver away with Iron Man missiles, then smash through the fallen minifig statue's white cracks with Thor.

The pillar ahead is held by golden tentacles. Use Iron Man's energy beam on all four to create a bridge over the deadly gap. Ahead, it's a straight shot to the sunken Shield sub. Use Thor to strike the white cracks to end the mission.

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