Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Taking Liberties

Lady Liberty is on a rampage! Pop out of the Shield vehicle, and use Hulk to cross the deadly green slime. One thing that isn't immediately obvious? Hulk can climb ladders too! Smash the yellow cracks with Hulk.

Smash the green cracks too, over the slime. Just use Hulk's special ability to rip a rock out of the ground and target the cracks. Now Wolverine can jump on the new platforms and climb the ladder to hit the Claw Switch.

Pulling the Claw Switch will dump hopping bricks, which form into a Four Pad for Mr. Fantastic. Move it to get rid of the statue's giant hand.

The goal here is to get all three heroes across the slime gap. Dive down into the muck with Hulk and use the green handles to destroy the Lego tower blocking the way for Mr. Fantastic and Wolverine.

Put Hulk on the inactive elevator, then switch to Wolverine. Use his super-senses to reveal a wall-climb section, then slash through the yellow cracks to discover a security terminal. Mr. Fantastic has it easy, just use the pull handle and glide across the gap.

Use the terminal to raise the elevator for Hulk.

Once Hulk is up, grab the Lego object with green handles and throw it at the yellow cracks. The statue's arm will retreat again, letting Mr. Fantastic reach another security terminal across the bridge.

Using the terminal will move a platform for Wolverine. Hulk can just walk through the slime safely, and Mr. Fantastic just needs to use the grating hidden against the right wall.

Near the elevator, all the group needs to do is stand on the three buttons. One large button for Hulk, and two smaller ones for the other two. Defeat the minions to make it easier.

Upstairs, the team will need to dodge electrified turbines after Hulk pulls on the first set of green handles. Passing the first spinning danger, use Wolverine's Claw Switch to activate the next.

The way past the turning green-bar switching machine is too dangerous. Don't cross the next bridge yet, instead pull the green handles on the Lego door and send Logan in with his super-senses.

Use his senses to find the wall-climbable section to reach the upper landing, then move right and use them again to see he can climb across the curved top bit of the switching machine to go right.

There's a claw switch on the catwalk, just after getting across the machine. The glowing green bars will slow enough for Mr. Fantastic and Hulk to get by - now all you need to do is grab the pull handle on the yellow door with Reed Richards to escape.

But, the level isn't over yet. One foot-stomp later, and the heroes are trapping inside the Statue of Liberty.

Appearing in the middle of the statue, the heroes have a long way up to reach the head. Use Wolverine's super-senses to detect the climbable wall in the background, visible from the start. Use the Claw Switch and the lift will lower for Hulk and Richards.

Mr. Fantastic can ride up the lift and use the grating to the left to get to a new platform with a glowing brown Lego object. Smash it and build the pieces into a pull handle, which Mr. Fantastic can use, dropping a new platform so Wolvie and Hulk can cross.

Grab the green handles with Hulk to open more stairs up, leading to a fire blocking the team's path. It's hard to spot behind those Lego fires, but there is another grating in the background, up the steps.

Getting past the fires, Mr. Fantastic will have more minions to deal with. Destroy them, then smash the brown Lego crate next to the base of the stairs leading up. Construct the pieces into a Four Pad, and use it to fix the Lego bridge.

Now Hulk or Wolverine can smash the yellow cracked wall. Up more steps, and up to another floor with circular platforms. Use Mr. Fantastic to squeeze through the grating and -carefully- walk across the single wooden beam.

Tug the pull handle with those stretchy arms to drop down another bridge, letting Hulk get at the nearby green handles. Sadly, Hulk can't climb this ladder. He'll have to take the elevator, which is currently inoperable.

Send Mr. Fantastic up the ladder so he can use the pull handle to the left. That gets the elevator working again, but a crashed ship will block the way forward.

Smash the crate and construct the bricks to make a narrow bridge. Send Wolverine across - at the end of the path is another yellow crack, and Hulk can't walk over this small bridge.

Build the pieces that fall out into a Four Pad, and Mr. Fantastic will use it to put out the fires. Now Hulk can grab the green handles on the crashed ship to get it out of the way.

Climb the stairs to the very top, where Magneto's goons are waiting. Simply activate the Claw Switch to drop down a spiral staircase, leading up to the head, and the level's boss.

It's Mastermind! This fiend takes control of Wolverine first, summoning up spirits of Sabretooth to attack. There's nothing you can do yet, just attack Wolverine, until the switch button flashes over his head.

Switch to Wolverine, then rapidly press the button prompt to break free of his control.

Mr. Fantastic is next, followed by Hulk. Just follow the same pattern - attack your mind-controlled ally until you can switch to them, then mash the button to break free of Mastermind.

Hulk is trickier to fight. He can only be harmed when he transforms back into Bruce Banner.

Once all three heroes are free, Mastermind will jump down and summon an army of copies. But, remember what Wolverine did with Loki? Use super-senses to detect the real Mastermind and hit him once to end the battle.

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