Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Rapturous Rise

Target the shiny bushes and green leaves against the rock wall to collect enough hopping bricks to build a pump. Jump up and down on the device a few times to pop Thing free.

Smash the green brush to the right covering the rocky Lego wall to reveal yellow cracks. Smash through with Thing, and run to the electrical fence to discover a new enemy - auto-turrets! These turrets will blast any heroes in range.

Get rid of them by entering Shield-stance with Captain America. Their shots will bounce off Cap and reflect back at the guns, destroying them.

Grab the big rock near the former turret and throw it at the yellow cracks to reveal a Shield Switch. Hit the switch with Captain America's shield and the electricity will shut off.

Run up towards the rocky wall (Watch out for the turret! Use Captain America's shield!) and destroy the green brush to reveal two green handles for Thing to tear off. Construct the pieces left behind and push the new turn-style to raise the bridge over the waterfall.

There's another turret. Shield Cap and then run down the path to find poles for Cap to swing on. Smash the green Lego leaves hiding a Shield Switch, which will shut off the power to the fence when activated.

Climb up into the shipwreck with the rope and throw Cap's shield at the base of the crane. Use the fallen crane to get onto the ship's deck and pull off the green handles.

Punch the leaves on the fallen Lego tree, and once again, use the green handles to clear the path. Down the jungle path, there's another set of green handles! Deal with the dinosaurs first to make the area safe for handle destruction.

Two poles will be visible above. Climb the upper path with Captain America, swing on the poles, then enter the crashed plane by entering Shield-stance to walk across the fire. Destroy the random wooden Lego blocks to reveal a switch - pulling it will create a bridge for Thing to get up to Cap.

Switch to Captain America and destroy the Lego bricks on the ridge, closer to the foreground, to attach green handles onto the next chunk of crashed plane. In the crash site, filled with more dinos and evil mutants, clear out the Lego objects to find hopping bricks.

The pieces build into a wheeled jet engine-mobile. Hop on to automatically drive into the rocks in the background, blowing them away.

The metal bridge is blocked off. To open the door in for Thing, jump onto the hand-holds below the bridge with Captain America and shimmy right. Watch out for the turrets on the other side!

Jump up the cliffs then fight back through the bridge to hit the switch, opening the door for Thing to cross and grab the green handles. Climb the old steps and grab a boulder to throw at the yellow glowing cracks above.

Now Cap can climb the ladder, construct the bricks into a Shield Switch, and activate it to turn off the electricity fence.

Storm joins the party, and you'll need her soon. Smash the yellow cracks with Thing, then build the bricks into a blue generator. Just like Thor, Storm can charge generators once she summons lightning.

Through the open door, two more turrets will appear. Destroy the green leaves - or just stand near the debris with Captain America's shield up until the beams clear the brush for you. Then use the Cap Pad to reflect the lasers back on the guns.

Clear more brush to construct the hopping bricks ahead into a second generator. Charge it, and another massive gate will lower.

Boss time! Magneto isn't going to come quietly. He sends Rhino after the Marvel heroes first. Destroy the debris in the center of the arena, or lead Rhino to charge through the brown bricks, to uncover hopping bricks.

The parts construct into a giant pumpkin. Stand near it to try and coax Rhino to charge it. When he's stunned, attack Rhino with Thing, then follow the prompts to defeat the first phase of the boss.

Now Magneto attacks, shielding himself with lots of metal before creating a huge Lego chunk to smash down on the good guys. There's nothing you can do yet, just run from Magneto's attacks, fighting minions, until the blue and gray Lego explodes into hopping bricks.

Construct the bricks into a heavy Lego object with green handles - perfect for Thing to use! Throw it at Magneto's shield to stun him, then attack the vulnerable villain to take off a single heart.

Follow the steps three times to finish this fight - and see that it was Mystique all along. Magneto's still on the run, with Dr. Doom and Loki in his giant spacebase.

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