Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Magnetic Personality

Before starting the level, Iron Man will need to solve a puzzle at a security terminal. Match the symbols to look like the image above.

In Asteroid M, tons of evil mutants will attack. They aren't infinite, but it seems that way. Keep crushing the bad guys until you're clear, then explore right-of-center in the central circle of the room to find blue and red dots.

Use Spider-Man's super-senses to reveal pull handles, which lead to silver bricks for Iron Man to destroy with his targeted missile attack. Behind all the silver is a blue generator - that's for Thor to charge.

Look to the left for a mirrored device. Blow up the silver, charge the blue generator, and you'll get even more bricks. Destroy the Lego objects that pour out to find enough hopping bricks to construct a turn-style. Push it!

The massive door in the background will break apart, opening up the exit to the hangar.

Magneto won't make things easy. Luckily, all three heroes can fly (or swing) across the rolled up bridge. At the area with the raised mechanical pillars, look at the glass and use Spider-Man's senses to discover a cracked Lego wall. This is a job for Thor's hammer.

Through the glass, pull the handle with webbing. Tons of hopping bricks to pop out of the over head pipes, which build into a large machine in desperate need of Thor's lightning.

The path is now open! Jump over and use Spidey-senses again to detect the shimmering background wall that Spider-Man can climb. Upstairs, Magneto will lock a gigantic door.

The levers on both sides of the door need to be pulled down. Fix the lever on the right by destroying the silver Lego objects, then constructing the pieces. Now pull down one lever with Iron Man, and the other with Thor - keep both levers pulled at the same time.

While the levers are down, switch to Spider-Man to use his web-lines to pull the handles - tearing down the wall into the Asteroid control room.

Magneto runs away again, but leaves an army of minions. The control panel down the narrow path has another two pull handles for Spider-Man. A real security terminal will appear for Iron Man to hack which re-activates the bridge right.

Magneto really wants to fight this time. He forms a huge version of himself, while evil mutants infinitely swarm in. The most annoying thugs stand on the ridge above the arena, shooting down at the heroes. Blast them whenever possible!

After a short amount of time, Magneto will summon up several Lego chunks and throw them, leaving behind hopping bricks. Wait for about six chunks to break apart, then build the pieces into an attack for Iron Man.

Once the giant form is stunned, attack Magneto while he's on the ground. Take off a few hearts, and he'll restart the pattern.

The second object is for Thor, and the final object is for Thor to power with his thunder, then Spider-Man to throw. Hit Magneto with the last Lego object to finish the battle.

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