Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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A Doom with a View

Get started by using Spider-Man's super-senses on the platform beneath the massive fan to reveal a pull handle. Web the handle to create a bridge, now Captain America can wall-jump up the narrow shaft to the left of the fan and reach a glowing Lego object - smash it up and build the parts.

Of course, the hopping bricks construct a Shield Switch for Cap. A large device will appear, while the camera moves to show a new blue generator. Use Storm's summoning lightning to power the generator.

The raised platform to the right will lower, allowing all the heroes to continue into the base. Tear into the green handles with Thing. Hit the Shield Switch behind it, then pull the handle that appears above.

A laser beam will blast downward, destroying a Lego object and leaving hopping bricks behind. Build the bricks into a Cap Pad, and reflect the beam into circular purple marker to the right of the beam.

The bridge will slide out, letting the heroes reach another Yellow Crack with a blue generator beneath. Use Thing to smash the cracks, and Storm to charge the generator to activate an elevator. Thing can ride the elevator up to find yet another set of green handles.

Pull off the Magneto-shaped blast shield, and Spider-Man can open the door by webbing-up both pull handles.

In the tubes outside the space station, watch out for the turrets ahead. Use Captain America's shield-stance to bounce the energy blasts back and destroy both guns. The conveyor on the floor makes it impossible for Thing and Cap to progress here.

Use Storm's floating ability to fly over the conveyor and power the blue generator with her lightning. The conveyor will switch directions, allowing Captain America to destroy the next two turrets with his shield ability.

Spider-sense the next door, web the handle and construct the hopping bricks into a Shield Switch. There's another conveyor ahead - float over it with Storm, smash the crate near the controls and build the parts into a generator.

To enter the airlock room, use spidey-senses and smash open the door with Thing once the yellow cracks appear. Use Cap's shield ability to destroy the auto-turrets and then climb the wall to the left with Spider-Man, revealed with his super senses.

Inside the glass enclosure, smash the Lego object and build the hopping bricks into a turn-style. Push it to release the locks on the left side of the massive airlock door. Now time to do the right side. Tear open the green handles over on the opposite side, wall-jump up with Cap and push the turn-style.

With all the locks open, a blue generator will appear at the center of the airlock. Charge it up and tug the green handles when they lower to pull the space door off its hinges.

The space-flight leads directly into a fight with Dr. Doom and his minions. Start the fight by crushing 20 Doombots, and Doom will summon a big giant robot. To hurt this special minion, dodge his charge so he trips, then attack the stunned bot with Thing. Mashing attack will reveal a handle for Spidey.

Web the handle to send the big robot flying. Dr. Doom will jump into a massive energy turret, blasting the ceiling before targeting the heroes. Construct the hopping bricks near the center of the arena to create a Cap Pad, so Captain America can reflect Dr. Doom's beam back at him.

Don't target the turret. Instead, blow away the spinning neon blue generator rings above Doom. Once destroyed, Doom will land and begin electrocuted Cap. Switch to another hero, and give the villain a punch.

The pattern will restart with another V-Series Doombot attacking. You know what to do now; dodge the bot's charge, attack with Thing, pull the face-handle with Spidey. Build the hopping bricks to a Cap Pad, destroy the generator, then switch to punch Dr. Doom in the back.

Destroy a third V-Series Doombot, and Dr. Doom will attack without a turret for the final round. Simply switch out of your stunned hero, and attack Doom from behind to defeat him.

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