Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

Ready to fight the final boss? The heroes and villains unite to take down Galactus. The space creature wants to eat the Earth, and that's no good for anyone involved.

To get the mission started, use Magneto's abilities to remove the metallic boot from the flying vehicle.

Facing off with Galactus, the heroes need to help repair the Helicarrier first. Grab the Lego boulder with green handles, with Thing, and throw it at the yellow cracks to destroy the first piece of debris.

Next, get Green Goblin in the action by throwing pumpkin bombs at the two chunks of silver blocking up the rotor. Just hold down attack and target both.

Galactus doesn't like what you're doing, and will shake up the carrier, dropping a Shield flyer down onto the deck. Grab the green handles to find hopping bricks underneath. Construct them into a pull handle for Spider-Man to tug.

A security terminal will raise up out of the deck. Only Mystique can hack the terminal, but the rotor isn't fixed yet. Grab Spider-Man and use his spidey-senses near the wrecked section to the left. Use the web-handles to raise the rotor, and blow Galactus away from the carrier!

Iron Man can do most of the work here. Blow up the silver bricks with his missile targeting attack, then melt the gold bricks with his special beam. The gold, under the rubble, is most important. Smash it to reveal a security terminal - Iron Man can use that one, too!

With the rotor raised, switch to Venom and use his super senses to reveal pull-handles. To get rid of the barrier, make sure to clear out the gold and silver bricks to the right.

Once raised up, Galactus will damage the rotor, but Iron Man will gladly rev it up for the team.

With the third group, start by webbing the pull-handles to the left where a helicopter is held down. When it flies off, use the Four Pad to crack open a Shield crate. Smash the smaller crate to collect all the hopping bricks - build them!

Once the portal device is fixed, the terminal will power-up. Use it with Mr. Fantastic, and match the image above to open a portal behind Galactus.

The giant monster will shake the carrier again, sending the portal-beam off target. Pointing down and left, the energy will break another Lego object, leaving behind hopping bricks. Construct the pieces with Captain America, then reflect the portal beam back toward the giant black hole.

Use Magneto on the shiny blue Lego bricks, and power the generator with Storm or Dr. Doom. Hopping bricks will appear - build them to form part of a Globe!

To finish the globe, break the blue metal bricks with Magneto to the left. To the right, use Storm's floating ability to put out the fires. Closer to the foreground on the left, use Cyclops' beam to destroy the gold bricks.

Complete the globe to defeat Galactus and save the Earth.

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