Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Sand Central Station

Landing in New York with Iron Man and Hulk, rush past the cars and monsters to the sand barrier at the end of the road.

Use Iron Man to target the two silver bricks over the fire hydrants to spray water on the sandy wall, revealing green cracks. Our man Hulk can smash anything with green cracks. Switch to him and punch the solid sand.

Past the sand are two green handles on the side of the bus. Hulk can use green handles - grab the bus by the handles and tap the button that appears to blow past the barrier.

In the next area, switch to Iron Man. His targeted missiles can blast silver shiny Lego bricks. Aim for the tanker truck center.

Build the hopping bricks that pore out to construct two green Hulk handles. Use them, and charge Abomination for a super-powered battle.

Press the buttons that appear to handily crush Hulk's powerful nemesis, and the heroes will get inside Grand Central.

Sandman's huge arms will impede your progress. You'll need to destroy both with each super-hero.

Start with Hulk and use the green handles on the left to lift a giant Lego set. Aim by holding down the attack button and throw the chunk of Lego at one of the hands.

To defeat the second hand, switch to Iron Man and blast the silver bricks with his targeted missile attack on the right. That reveals more green Hulk handles. Grab the set and throw it with Hulk.

Ahead, a train will crash. Defeat 24 Sandmen with Hulk and the train will disappear. Next, a wall will appear past the information kiosk ahead.

Use Iron Man to target the silver bricks on top of the kiosk to create hopping bricks on the ground below.

Construct the pieces into a turret, then stand near it and press the button that appears to take direct control of the water hose with Iron Man. Someone as huge as the Hulk can't control tiny turrets.

Keep spraying the center of the wall until green cracks appear. That's just what Hulk ordered, use the big green giant to punch a hole in the green cracks.

Ahead, Sandman will form a castle with turrets! Hulk can't get close to the green cracks without getting blasted.

Use Iron Man to destroy the silver Lego bricks on the right, then construct the pieces into a set with green handles.

Now Hulk can grab the green handles and throw the set at the sandcastle, destroying it.

Sandman retreats, but Spider-Man joins the team. A big electrified section of Stark Tower's sign blocks the heroes from getting to the bad guy. Time to shut off the power.

To the right, switch to Spider-Man and swing to the shimmering wall near against the very right edge of the screen. Tap the button that appears when Spider-Man gets close to use his super-senses to reveal a wall he can climb.

Climb up, then use Spider-Man's webs on the red/blue handle, then tap the indicated button to pull. The satellite dish will fall, and leave behind hopping bricks. Construct those bricks to create a pair of green Hulk handles. You know what that means - use Hulk on the handles to destroy the first generator.

The second generator is way easier. Destroy the silver gate around it on the left with Iron Man's targeted missile attack.

Then, get Spider-Man close to the flickering dots and use his spider-sense to reveal a pull handle. Pull it to destroy the second generator, and turn off the power.

With the power off, more dots will appear around the center of the area. Use spider-sense there to reveal two more pull handles. Target them both with Spider-Man by holding down the attack button, and tapping the key to drop the sign and create a path.

Ahead, use Spider-Man to shoot a web at the handle on the walkway around the water tower to the right. With the web-line in place, switch to Hulk and hold down the switch button to turn him back into regular human Dr. Banner.

Tiny Banner can climb the web line up. At the top, switch back into the Hulk and grab those green handles! Construct the hopping bricks to create a controllable water turret. Use the water on the giant Sandman!

Keep spraying him with water until he destroys the turret. The villain will lower one arm, and reveal green cracks in the solid sand. Smash it with Hulk!

Sandman isn't done yet. He'll throw projectiles that uncovers a Lego set with glowing green cracks on the top. Use Hulk's jump-attack to smash the set then build the hopping pieces to create a cement mixer.

Grab the mixer by the green Hulk handles and target Sandman between his annoying sand-hammer attacks.

When he's hit with the cement, another green cracked arm will lower. Smash with the Hulk!

Sandman's almost defeated now. Use Iron Man to missile-blast the silver bricks on the right, then throw the lever. On the left, use Spider-Man to pull the web handle to reveal a second lever to pull.

Pull both levers, and wait for the water tank to fill with water - right at the center of Sandman. Use spider-sense to reveal a hidden pull handle, and use those web lines to pull it.

Once Sandman topples over, punch the final green cracks to complete the level.

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