Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Times Square Off

To get into the Baxter Building follow the ghost pellets and jump down to the garden outside the Baxter Building. Smash the glowing lamp to create a grating that Mr. Fantastic can slip through.

Next, smash the antennae near the TV truck! Build the bricks into a Four Pad to transform Reed Richards and open the gate for Cap.

The door ahead is locked, but there's a way in. Use Cap's shield to activate the Shield Switch on the right.

Climb the ladder with Mr. Fantastic and glide across the gap with the blue chevrons. Across, smart characters (like Mr. Fantastic!) can use the special control terminal.

Laser defenses appear! Switch to Captain America and activate his special ability to guard with his shield. Step onto the pad on the center of the street and use it to bounce the laser back.

Use the control stick to aim the laser at the machinery in the circle between the two lasers. Get through the open doors to start the actual level.

In the lab, fight the Octobots until they blast through the wall. Construct the hopping bricks into a Four Pad and use Mr. Fantastic to destroy the metal blocking a Shield Switch.

The switch activates an elevator. Ride up with Cap, and use his shield protection ability to get by the fires to the left. Jump down into the area with the tracks on the left, then switch to Mr. Fantastic.

Construct the new hopping bricks near the large 4 at the center of the lab. They'll create a new grate for Mr. Fantastic to squeeze through, taking him to the area with the Captain.

Grab the handle with Mr. Fantastic's stretchy arms, it's glowing above the curved tracks. Build the hopping bricks into a Shield Switch, and hit that switch with Captain America's shield!

A new control panel will activate up the ladder in the background. Climb up and use it with Mr. Fantastic to make a big red button appear to the right of the ladder. Hop onto it!

The beam will blast a Lego set below. Use Captain America to construct the hopping bricks, then use the Shield Pad to reflect the beam at the two glowing light-blue discs until the two generators are fully charged.

Hop onto the Fantasta-Lift, like a car, and ride to the roof to find Dr. Octopus.

On the roof, glide across to the building on the right (use the blue chevrons as your guide) and target the glowing handle to pull it with Mr. Fantastic's stretchy arms. Build the bricks into a ladder, climb up, and smash all the Lego items behind the glass to reveal hopping bricks.

Construct the pieces into a turn-style - move against the green side to align the dish above, allowing Captain America to jump across the poles.

Run down the steps to the right with Cap to find a Shield Switch. Hit it with his shield to turn off the fans below that previously blocked Mr. Fantastic from a grating. Now that it's free, use the grating.

Go up the steps and smash the blue Lego pipes below the Lego water tower. Build the hopping bricks into a Four Pad, use it, and destroy the water tower. Jump up and build the next set of hopping bricks, on the remains of the tower, to create a zip-line.

Ride the zip-line to the next building. Doc Ock is waiting, and he'll grab the first hero across. Switch over to the second ally and punch Octopus to get him running.

Climb over the destroyed rubble to reach the higher section of the rooftops to chase Doc Ock away. Then, use Captain America's shield to target the Lego hinges at the bottom of the red neon sign on the next building over.

Destroy both hinges to get to the next building. There, find the broken glass to enter the interior. There are two paths to take - but only Captain America can reach the roof.

Use Cap to shield himself from the fire and wall-jump up using the blue and white Lego walls. On the roof, find the green Lego generator to the right of the elevator doors. Destroy the Lego set next to the generator, then construct the pieces into a Shield Switch. Hit it with Cap's shield.

The elevator will lower, letting Mr. Fantastic get to the roof. Hop up to the elevator lobby with the pull handle, and step on the big red button to take the lift up.

Glide across the gap with Fantastic, and smash the Lego bricks right as you land, then construct them to create a zip-line, letting Cap get over.

With Cap, target Doc Ock hanging out on the sign to reveal a pull handle. Target the handle with Mr. Fantastic to pull the sign down - just use the grate on the right to get high enough.

Build the pieces to create a Four Pad, and use it to squash Doctor Octopus! But, the fight isn't over yet.

Spider-Man joins the team! Use him, or Mr. Fantastic, to pull the glowing handle on the tower on the upper roof. Look closely at the background to spot glowy red and blue dots appearing on the left.

Grab Spider-Man and use his super-senses to reveal he can wall-climb up the grey pipes. Climb up and use spider-sense again to reveal pull handles on the large engine. Pull both handles to start up fans below, letting Captain America and Mr. Fantastic to reach the high ledge with Spider-Man.

Use Fantastic to smash the Lego bricks on the fence in the back corner, to the left (relatively!) to the closed gate. Build the hopping bricks to form a control panel only Mr. Fantastic can use.

The gates to the garden will open - keep control of Mr. Fantastic and rush toward the huge Spider-Man billboard.

There's another Four Pad for Reed to use. He'll smash into the sign, revealing two pull handles. Rip those off with Spider-Man's webs, and run across to face Octopus.

Of course, he'll retreat again after blowing a hole in the building. Follow him through to start the final battle and take him down for good.

In Time's Square, dodge Doc Ock's attacks and wait for him to attempt to slam one tentacle into the ground. When he's stuck, stand near the trapped robotic limb for a green circle to appear. Hit the attack button to destroy the tentacle.

Do it two more times, then finish the villain off with any normal attack once he's on his last heart. That finishes this mission, but now Green Goblin is on the loose, too!

Next time, Hawkeye and Black Widow join up to raid the OsCorp labs.

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