Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Exploratory Laboratory

Before starting the level, travel out of Times Square with Hawkeye and Black Widow and enter the Oscorp building.

Target the silver bricks over the gap with Hawkeye to shoot explosive arrows. Then, shoot arrows into the arrow plugs the same way. Jump across the gap with both arrows, using the poles.

The next part is trickier. Use Black Widow to wall-jump with the white and blue bricks to the roof. Use the terminal, and turn each blue arrow so the power lines turn black. Now approach Oscorp and activate Black Widow's special power - a cloaking device. Pull the switch to open the door in.

Inside, Black Widow should use the security console and hit the buttons in this order; yellow, red, blue.

In the lab ahead, use Hawkeye to target and destroy the silver Lego bricks near the glass offices. Construct the pieces into another security console for Black Widow. This time, go with; red, yellow, blue.

Green Goblin zips by, and drops a wall. Get close with Spider-Man and use his spider-sense to find pull handles.

Shoot a web at Green Goblin, and the bad guy will retreat while destroying the elevator shaft. Cross over using the wooden beam and hit those spider-senses again to reveal a wall-climbing path up.

Punch the glowing bricks in the wall to reveal a lever. Pull it to lower a ladder down for the other two Shield agents.

Grab Hawkeye and target the silver bricks above. Shoot the arrow plug to create a rope for the heroes to climb, then use Spider-Man to pull the handle above to lower a bridge.

Fight down the hall to the locked door, and use spider-sense to reveal two pull handles. Shoot the silver Lego machinery with Hawkeye to blow the door open, then use Black Widow's cloaking device to sneak past the cameras.

Jump onto the lever on the right, then use Spider-Man on the pull handle that appears on the left. Ahead, Green Goblin isn't about to go quietly.

Falling into the pit, use Hawkeye to blast the silver Lego bricks above, then construct the hopping bricks to create a ladder out of this death trap.

Venom has escaped, and the entire lab is infected with symbiote goo! Avoid the blank gunk at all costs. Stepping into it is an instant death.

Blast the silver Lego sets above the neon Oscorp sign, then use Spider-Man's senses to discover two pull handles.

Climb up to the top of the ladder with Black Widow and activate the security console. Four arrow plugs will appear for Hawkeye - shoot in all four poles then jump across with Black Widow. You'll need her cloaking device at the top.

Cloak to avoid the camera, then pull the lever to reveal the rest of the ladder leading up and out of this area.

In the next area, travel right with Spider-Man, smashing through the bricks until reaching two visible pull handles for the spider to web up.

Construct the hopping bricks that pour from the blue machine, and use Hawkeye to shoot an arrow into the plug. Use the pole to jump up with Black Widow, and interact with the security console for a small puzzle.

Move the pieces to match the pictures above. Venom retreats left, with swarms of symbiote minions in your way! Chase him down back to the large room you passed through earlier.

In the room with the large door in the background, stand Hawkeye and Black Widow on the big red Lego button in the twin rooms.

Past the open door, smash every Lego brick outside the symbiote gunk and construct the hopping bricks to create a giant sound system that scares the goo away after using the pull handle.

Down the next hall, shoot the silvery control panels in the creepy glass tube room to reveal two pull handles.

Time to face Venom! Swarms of symbiote minions will appear out of the ground, while others will attack from the ledge above with projectiles.

Fight the minions until Venom appears, knocking over a pile of hopping bricks. Construct them into a boom box to stun Venom! Hit him to start the next phase of the fight.

Continue to smash minions until one pops out of a pod in the background, revealing a lever. Jump onto the turret and blast the hanging Venom to, once again, make him vulnerable.

For the final hit, Venom will jump onto the hanging set on the right. Use spider-sense near it and grab the pull handles. Construct the pieces and shoot the target with Hawkeye.

Venom is down for the count. One last punch will take the villain out and end the mission.

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