Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Rock Up at the Lock Up

Follow the ghost studs to the pier. Use Iron Man's targeting to destroy the silver crate. The raft captain will appear, but he needs a ticket. Fix the hopping bricks up the stairs, in the new area with the open shutter, and grab the ticket.

Ride the ferry to the prison, and switch to Hulk to crack open the gate with the green handles. Blast the silver bricks with Iron Man to open the doors to start the level.

In the stage, rush down the dirt path to the bridge. Of course, it drops into the raging waters. Fly across the gap with Iron Man and construct a turn-style from the hopping bricks. Push it to raise the bridge and get the other two heroes across.

Up the hill, dig up the brick dirt with paw marks raising up from the ground. Only Wolvering (for now!) can dig these up. Construct the hopping bricks to attach green handles onto the wrecked wall - you know who those are for, Hulk!

Run into the interior building with Hulk, and wait on the inactive lift. Switch over to Wolverine, and leave Hulk behind. Don't worry, you'll get him back soon.

To the right, use Wolverine's super senses to reveal a wall-climb section. Climb up with Wolvie, and fly up with Iron Man.

Smash the red and yellow Lego bricks in the back corner to reveal a claw switch. Only Wolverine can use this. Activate it, and the lift will activate.

To the left of the lift, there are green handles for Hulk to tear apart. But, red lasers will appear with four deadly turrets.

Iron Man's missiles can destroy the four silver turrets. When all four are gone, the red lasers will dissipate. Destroy the gate to the left with the green handles, using Hulk, to allow Wolverine to find another wall-climb section ahead - just use his super senses near the shimmering wall.

Climb up with Logan and grab the ladder handle to pull down a ladder. Run right and slice through the yellow cracks. There's a security terminal behind the cracks, that Iron Man happens to be proficient with.

Move the cursor over the bright neon yellow locks and press attack over each to unlock the massive prison gate. Down the newly opened hall, smash the bricks in the far background with Hulk to enter the prison yard.

Not only do you have to deal with Whiplash, but Hulk's old enemy the Leader. Hulk can't get close, but Iron Man's missiles can pierce his shields. Blast all three silver bricks floating behind the shield with Stark's missiles.

Next, Leader will stun Stark. Switch to another hero and punch the Leader to put this villain down for the count.

Move up and right to use Wolverine's super-senses to uncover yellow cracks. Slash through, use senses inside, climb up, and use the claw switch on the right of the interior.

The gate to the left is now open. Run past Abomination's cell and destroy the yellow and red barrels. Construct the hopping bricks to form a security terminal for Iron Man to use.

Next, use Wolverine's super-senses below Abomination's cell to reveal green handles. Pulling the section back will make a zip-line appear for Wolverine to climb up to even more super-sense sparkles.

Switch to Iron Man and fly up to the door with the silver chains. Missile both chained doors, then missile the silver bricks in the back corner of the interior. Construct the hopping pieces into a Claw Switch.

Using the switch will open the next massive gate to the left. Fight into the security checkpoint and have Iron Man use the terminal against the left wall.

With the weird console, move the cursor along the electrified path and select each circle icon. Wait for the dialogue to play out, and an elevator will appear.

Load the lift down with all three heroes to continue into the next area. There's a massive break-out going on, and you're about to lose Iron Man.

During the lift fight, there's a simple pattern to the battle. Fight minions until the lift slams to a halt. Bricks will hop while Sabretooth is held up on a platform.

Construct the hopping parts and then pick them up with Hulk, then throw the large set at Sabretooth.

The first two phases are identical. For the final hit, you'll need to throw two Lego sets at two platforms to end this battle.

The level isn't over yet. Abomination returns to menace Hulk while Sabretooth shoots from his helicopter.

Dig up the brick dirt in the back left corner and construct the bricks into a ladder. Climb up with Wolverine and use super-senses to find a wall-climb section. Use the spotlight like a turret, and shine light down onto Abomination until he's stunned.

When he's stunned, you'll automatically switch to Hulk. Follow the prompts on screen, and Sabretooth will fly by to destroy your turret.

For the next spotlight, use Wolvie's super-senses on the glowing wall in the right corner. Yellow cracks will become visible - destroy them by jumping onto the crate to the right and targeting the cracks.

Build the hopping bricks to create a trampoline! Jump up and use the wall-jump panels to reach a Claw Switch. The switch will activate another spotlight turret.

Only one heart left. The elevator to the left, up the constructed ladder, will now open. Ride up with Wolverine, jump on the poles, and enter the Lego door interior to find the switch, activating the last spotlight.

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