Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Rebooted, Resuited

At Stark Tower, use Captain America's shield to smash the Stark sign, then target the Shield Switch. Once the door opens, use Iron Man on the control panel. Switch on the pointers until the green light appears.

Inside, start with Captain America targeting the Shield Switch above the blue forcefield to the left. Smash it, then throw the shield in get inside the room.

Smash the malfunctioning robot limbs, the suit, and the tables to cobble enough hopping bricks together into a security terminal - usable by Iron Man.

Hit the attack key with the cursor over the three blue lines to shut down the forcefields. Run by the flickering beams with Captain America until a deadly laser appears!

Activate Cap's shield-stance and use the America Pad to bounce the beam back at the turret to destroy it. Construct the hopping bricks to create another Iron Man security terminal.

Using the terminal will put you in control of a flying drone. Float up and out through the tiny opening near the ceiling, then land the drone onto the little blue waypoint.

To the right, Tony Stark will be able to interact with the target mark to jump into a new suit of Iron Man armor. With the suit, move left to another beam-wall with silver bricks locking the thing closed.

Blast the silver bricks with Iron Man's new armor, then lower the wall by targeting the Shield Switch with Captain America.

Step onto the lift, and rush right. Behind the blue shield, hit the lever in the background to mark a large wheeled Lego construction appear on the electrified track.

Switch to Iron Man and leave Captain America at the lever. Have Iron Man use the terminal to get the large platform move so Captain America can ride it safely to the right over the deadly ground.

Go back to Captain America and enter shield-stance to cross the fires, then smash the computer in the back corner to open the laser-gate.

Run up the steps and blast off the silvery locks on the door to step outside. Use the poles to get onto the high ledge with Cap.

Go back inside to reach the interior ledge, with a large unlit switch you'll need to jump onto, activating a fan so Iron Man and meet up again.

With Iron Man, run right to the purple chamber and blast the silver Lego construction inside to turn the fan off.

Ignore the Cap Pad for now, and run right to find silver locks - perfectly destroyable with Iron Man's missiles. Captain America can wall-jump up to the turbine's turn-style. Push it to reveal silver machinery below - once again, blow it all apart with Iron Man's missiles.

Now two beams will appear. Time for Captain America to use that Cap Pad! Reflect the beams into the two blue Lego squares until the door glows with neon light.

With the door lowered, run into the hallway and enter shield-stance with Captain America to avoid getting blasted by the new beam turret. Walk into the pad and reflect the beam into the turret.

Construct the left-over hopping bricks. Grab both levers simultaneously to open the set of doors and into Jervis' core.

Hit both Shield Switches with Cap's targeting, that return to the foreground to reflect the beam into the inactive right Lego generator.

Use the white marker to get Iron Man's latest suit of armor. Now he can cut through the gold wall with his special ability.

Outside on the helipad, Iron Man and Captain America have to deal with both Killian and the Mandarin.

Keep destroying goons until the Mandarin pops down to stun one of your heroes. Switch characters and punch Mandarin to get him to retreat. Killian will join the fight now - hit him once to continue the fight.

Complete the process two more times to defeat Killian. The Mandarin has another trick up his sleeve - Stark's Hulkbuster armor!

Defeat 40 baddies to get the true battle started. The Mandarin will fly around, firing blasts of energy. Fly with Iron Man and target the super-villain with missiles until a whole swarm of Iron Man armors appear to help.

Hit the attack key to automatically fire blasts or target the boss manually to fire missiles. Keep up the onslaught to bring the heavy armor down.

When the armor crashes to the ground, use Iron Man's special beam to destroy the gold brick on the back and finally defeat Stark's nemesis.

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