Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Red Head Detention

At the first ghost stub point, use Black Widow's cloaking device to hide from the camera and pull the switch.

At the second location, target the Lego sign above the sushi place with Hawkeye. Shoot an arrow into the Arrow Slot and build the hopping bricks. Jump to the arrow in the slot to uncover a secret Hydra base.

Get to the first elevator with Black Widow's cloak, ride up, and wall-jump up to the computer consoles above the lift. Blast the TV screens and the weird generator to shut off the cameras.

Ride Hawkeye up the elevator and construct the hopping bricks on the second level. Jump onto the lever to reveal silver machinery in the turning device to the right of the lift. Blast it with Hawkeye's targeted attack.

At the next background door, smash the blue boxes and construct the pieces into a security terminal for Black Widow to use.

Move the coils into the positions above to open the giant science door. Progress! Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, joins the two in the next room.

Fly into the background and shoot the gold wall with Storm's stream of fire to reveal a computer panel. Use the computer with Black Widow.

Match each laser configuration with the shape in the lower left corner of the screen. Completing this mini-game will create a bridge against the back wall of the chamber.

Pull the lever to the right of the new bridge to activate the elevator. Sneak by the camera up the steps with Black Widow and smash the machinery inside to let the rest of your heroes get by.

Switch to Hawkeye and target the plug to create a rope. Characters attached to a rope can swing left and right back-and-forth for longer jumps.

Jump across with Black Widow and Hawkeye. Grab the rope with Hawkeye while Black Widow operates the terminal, moving Hawkeye across the gap.

Use Hawkeye to break the pull handle, then pull the lever that appears. The covers will raise, revealing gold bricks for Johnny Storm to destroy. Shoot the arrow plug with Hawkeye behind the gold brick to make acrobat poles appear. Now Widow can get across the pit too.

Once more, use Black Widow's invisibility to sneak by the camera and deadly turrets. Use the spinning platforms to ride across the gap in the lava generator and pull the lever to turn the security off.

Use Hawkeye to tear off the pull handle against the right edge of the screen, and the heroes will stumble upon Hydra's warheard storage room.

Cut through the gold wall, with Human Torch, and climb up to the catwalks guarded by Hydra soldiers. Hawkeye's explosive arrows can destroy the silver Lego machine here.

Construct the hopping bricks, wall-jump with Widow, and cloak to sneak by the turrets to the security terminal. She'll force the turrets to destroy each other, but leave behind a couple of tough soldiers.

The two guards are protected with gold vests. Fly above them and burn off the vests with Human Torch's fire beam to defeat them.

In the next room, Captain America finally joins in on the fun.

To damage Red Skull, enter shield-stance with Captain America and hit the attack button when you're in close proximity to the noseless fascist.

The next two hearts won't be as easy. You'll need to destroy turrets for each phase. The foreground turrets only require a lever be pulled and Johnny Storm to destroy the gold bricks beneath and finally smashing the blocks that appear.

To destroy the background turrets, construct the nearby hopping bricks into a Shield Switch. Activate the switch, then follow the same steps.

After smashing two turrets, Red Skull will return. Shield and attack to knock off another heart, then repeat the process.

Take off his last heart to complete the mission. Now it's time to go after Loki!

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