Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Bifrosty Reception

Flying to Asgard can be disorienting. You're in control of the tiny Captain America - watch for rings of studs, follow those to avoid incoming debris.

Before long, you'll be in the mystical realm and under attack by Frost Giants! All that ice has one answer; the Human Torch and his fire. Burn down the three large blocks of ice in the center of the arena.

Construct the hopping bricks to create a generator. Thor can power this up - but he needs to get charged first. Hold down the special button to charge Thor with electricity, then hold down his special button to fire a stream of lightning into the generator until it completely lights up.

The exit door to the rainbow road will open. Fight through the horde of 20 giants to reach the gates on the far end.

Loki is waiting. Get close and he'll stun a single hero. Simply switch to another and punch Loki to get him reeling.

Now for the golden gate. Melt the ice with Human Torch, then target the blue cracks with Thor's hammer. One door blown open!

Loki awaits at the top of some frozen steps. The same trick applies here, but only two heroes can reach him this time; Thor and Human Torch. Let Loki stun on hero, then attack Loki with another.

After hitting Loki, he'll destroy some Lego columns and cause them to fall. Completely destroy them to find hopping bricks that result in a bridge for your flight-challenged heroes.

Wolverin is up next. Past the stairs, use his super-senses to discover a wall-climb section outside the icy blue chamber. Use the Claws Switch to open the interior, allowing Thor to charge-up and power-up the Lego generator inside.

Next up, melt the gold horse-statue with Human Torch and construct the hopping bricks into a Shield Switch. Activate that with Cap's targeted attack and a turn-style will appear. Push it to create stairs up to the next level higher.

Once again, Loki is waiting. Punch him once to get the mischievous god to retreat. Wolverine is up to dig the dirt bricks to the left of the golden doors. Build the Claw Switch and activate it to make a generator appear.

Fly up to the generator and charge it with Thor. The elevator below will activate, allowing Wolverine to reach another sparkly super-senses area. Use them to reveal yellow cracks in a statue. The cracks might be yellow, but Thor's hammer will break down the statue.

Blast the golden section of the statue's head with Human Torch and construct the hopping bricks to complete a fountain nearby. The water helps spring to life two flowery platforms. Use those to chase Loki into the palace.

Of course, Loki plays tricks and summons a swarm of copies. None of them are real - use Wolverine and stand near the center to prompt his super-senses, revealing the true Loki. Smack the villain and he'll retreat, but not before knocking over a chandelier.

Use the hopping bricks from the chandelier to construct a new Shield Switch.

Final battle time! Loki summons the Destroyer to attack. Avoid it's deadly beam and magma attacks which linger on the ground, and don't try to run up the stairs.

Instead, use Human Torch to melt the ice bricks on the left side and construct the hopping bricks into a Captain America pad. Now Captain America can reflect the beam back at your true enemy - aim for Loki instead of the giant robot.

Now a large glowing marker will appear near the Destroyer. Switch to Thor and attack while standing in the light to knock off a chunk of this giant's armor.

Follow those same steps three times to defeat it. Melt the ice block, construct the Cap Pad, reflect the energy beam on Loki, then attack Destroyer with Thor.

For the final phase, Loki will summon another army of copies. You know his trick this time - use Wolverine's super-senses to detect the real Loki.

The angry Loki will stun Wolverine. Just switch to another hero and put this bad guy down for the count... before his inevitable escape.

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