Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough | All 15 Levels

The Escapist Staff | 10 Aug 2017 07:01
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Juggernauts and Crosses

The X-Mansion is under attack by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Not awesome. Run behind the fence to a fallen wall where Stan Lee is stuck behind some fire. Use Jean Grey's special ability to take control of the civilian's mind and fix the water pipes. Now, turn the pipe with her special ability.

Remember to stand close to make the prompt for Jean Grey appear. Once the fires are out, pick up the purple brick and attach it to the "X" embossed in the wall. Remember to look out for purple Lego bricks - usually psychic characters like Jean Grey can use them.

The students need saving from Magneto's acolytes. Smash the wooden Lego bricks at the base of the stairs, on the right, to fix the steps. Inch past the fire on top and use Jean Grey on the large picture of herself to reveal a golden wall.

Cyclops can use his eye beams to cut through gold. Cut out an "X" then build the hopping bricks into a lever. Pull it to open a secret escape door, letting the first batch of students safely escape.

The room isn't over yet, move left and blast the golden bricks to reveal a purple-hued bookshelf. Mess with it using Jean Grey's psychic powers and pull the hidden lever to save even more students.

The Juggernaut isn't happy about that, and blasts open a door on the far right of the hall. Follow the lummox!

To get by the mess the big red ox causes, mind-control a worker across the fire and enter the ruined room in the background to construct the hopping bricks into a working water pump.

With the fires dyed down, use Jean Grey on the purple-hinged door. Now both heroes can enter the room in the background and get by the fires in the hall.

The ruined path of Juggernaut is strewn with gold bricks. Blast them with Cyclops, then use Jean Grey's psychic power on the left-over rubble.

Inside the dining room, Toad has Storm wrapped around his gross tongue! There's an easy way to solve this problem, switch to Storm and tap the attack button to zap the frog into submission. Now that he's given up, it's time to save more of the students.

The goal here is to make three chairs appear around the table and use Jean Grey's psychic power to interact. The first chair is already in place. Move it to release the first lock.

Hover with Storm by pressing jump twice, then fly over the fires on the right to put them out and reveal another chair. The last chair is constructed with the hopping bricks from the piano on the left. Smash it up, and release all three locks by interacting (use Jean Grey!) with all three chairs at the table.

A generator will appear. Storm can charge-up and zap generators to power them in the same way Thor can. Activating it will let the students escape, but your road outside is blocked by another security door.

Deal with the bad mutants and cut through the gold metal on the blast door with Cyclops. Ignore the silver, that's for use in Free Mode. Use Jean Grey to interact with the opening to plug in a blue generator for Storm to power.

Outside, say hello to Iceman! Stand near him and switch, then press the special attack button rapidly to defeat Pyro. Iceman can put out fires from a distance with his ice beam.

Up the steps, an explosion will reveal Juggernaut fighting Colossus inside the mansion! Use Iceman's ice beam on the fountain to create an ice-wall and freeze Juggernaut in place... for now. It also has the added function of creating stairs up to the roof.

Put out the fires up top and melt the gold brick to reveal a pool of dripping water. Blast the water with Iceman's beam to create a bridge over the fallen mansion parapet.

Over the ice bridge, it's just a simple matter of moving the plant-life with Jean Grey, then destroying the golden windowsill with Cyclops.

Back inside the mansion, use Jean Grey to move the bookcase to the left of the big screen TV. Move it right to reveal a glass room with a worker behind glass. Mind-control him to flip the big switch.

Step on the corresponding switches that appear on the big screen to open another secret escape hatch. Another batch of evil minions will appear, and leave hopping bricks next to the stairs on the right side of the screen.

Build the hopping bricks into a platform. Jump on with each character, and lift it up with Jean Grey to reach the second floor. Yep, Jean Grey can lift it while she's standing on it, too.

Next, put out the fires across the gap and near the large door in the fire background with Iceman, then interact with the purple bits with Jean Grey. She can create a bridge, but it's up to Cyclops to blast the golden hinges.

Back in the entrance hall, Gambit is keeping Juggernaut busy. Put out the fires on the right-stairs and smash the Lego debris to get to the upper floor, where more fires are spreading near the window. Once again, put those out.

Construct the hopping bricks to form two color-coded knight statues. Place the blue armor on the blue pad and the red armor on the red pad with Jean Grey.

The painting of Charles Xavier in the center of the room will open to reveal a blue generator. Power that thing up with a charged Storm and an elevator will appear. Load in to enter the secret base under the school.

The fight with Juggernaut continues in the X-Hangar. Stand still with Jean Grey and wait for the big guy to throw a chunk of Lego bricks at your heroine. Use her special ability once the block flies close to send it back into his head.

Now he'll charge circles around the room! Put out the fires in the back left corner, and construct the bricks into a pole for the wall on the left. Hold down both poles at the same time to open the blue wall.

Smash the crate that pops out, and construct the pieces into a stereo. Juggernaut will come running, but get stuck in the water pipes. Freeze the water with Iceman and finally use Jean Grey's power to throw the block of ice.

The next phase is almost identical to the first. Instead of building a pole, you'll construct a security terminal that only Beast can use.

Finally, Juggernaut will land in the center and throw a crate, causing piles of hopping bricks to fall into the arena. Build them into a security terminal for Beast, and press the blue buttons to guide the crane down the path shown on screen.

At the end of the road, the crane will pull Juggernaut's helmet off, leaving him vulnerable to Jean Grey's mind-control.

Tap the prompts that appear, then when you have Juggernaut, grab the two green handles in the background. Use Iceman's beam on the water pool, then Jean Grey's power on the frozen bad guy.

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