Sell Pearls in Witcher 3 for Infinite Cash With This Exploit

Kevin Thielenhaus | 23 May 2015 19:53
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Fill your coffers with easy cash using a new exploit uncovered in The Witcher 3 allowing any enterprising RPG adventurer to earn thousands of coin in a few minutes time.

All it takes is a little (or a lot) of careful economic scheming. Once Geralt arrives in Velen and leaves White Orchard behind, this method opens up to everyone. One hop, skip, and swim to Novigrad and the farm can begin. Check out the exact instructions in our quick guide below.

Unlike that other murderous cattle farming technique, this little scheme doesn't involve killing at all. Instead, you'll be wandering the posh streets, converting worthless trinkets into valuable commodities. It only takes a handful of minutes per route, and depending on your cash reserves, you can make an infinite amount of gold per revolution. Not bad for a professional monster hunter.

How to Earn Unlimited Money - Exploit Guide

Work-In-Progress: This exploit was tested on a Day-One patched version of The Witcher 3.

To earn 6,000 Crowns in a minute or so, travel to the free city of Novigrad. It becomes available after Geralt leaves White Orchard and begins his quest to find Ciri in Velen.

Travel north and swim to the city, then work your way to the center called Hierarch Square. There's a merchant here that sells Shells and Sea Shells.

Purchase all of them, or all of them you can. Once you make more money, you can return later and increase profits by buying more of these materials.

After buying him out, leave the shop screen and ask him to "Show me your wares." again. The shopkeep only appears during the day, but his stock of items respawns every time Geralt looks at his shop screen.

Repeat the process until you've got a 50/100/200/400 or more Shells or Sea Shells. Keep a few hundred coin for dismantling in your inventory.

Next, travel to the Armorer in the square. Look at his stock and switch to the "Dismantle" tab. Dismantle all of the shells and sea shells. It costs one coin per dismantle, so bring as many coins as you have shells and sea shells.

Dismantling shells / sea shells converts them into valuable black pearls / pearls. Both types of Pearl sell for over 100 Crowns each.

You can sell to the Armorer, but he doesn't have much gold to give -- only about 1000 Crowns. To get more gold, travel to the Loan Shark merchant north of the Southern Gate marker.

His shop is marked with a red silk awning. The Loan Shark appears to only have 1000~ coin in his inventory, but it will refresh right away after backing out of his shop window. Most merchants refresh gold stocks after five days -- not so for the Loan Shark. You can sell all of your stacks of Black Pearls / Pearls for a huge profit.

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