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Shawn Carignan | 28 Aug 2017 17:30
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War Never Changes: Advanced Tips

Going beyond the basics, these tips will help advanced players get the most out of Fallout 4.

General Advanced Tips

  • Be careful who you anger or kill! You won't get a second chance with an NPC that hates you or is dead.
  • Hacking terminals is a bit different than older games. You can still back out before lockout, but lockout only last ten seconds (not forever like Fallout 3). There are also certain sections that can be highlighted and selected to remove dud words or give extra guesses. If a full section is highlighted between brackets < > ( ) [ ] it is one of the bonus sections.
  • VATS detects mines! If you are in an area with mines go into VATS and they will be highlighted. Whether to shoot or disarm them is still up to you though...
  • Stimpaks heal 30% of MAXIMUM health. (Editor's Note: This originally stated incorrectly that the healing was a percentage of remaining health, rather than maximum health. We apologize for any confusion.) Food heals at a set HP rate.
  • Collect overdue books. You can turn them in to certain locations for rewards.
  • You must sit or lie down to wait.
  • Gear adds bonus S.P.E.C.I.A.L points. It is a good idea to have a few builds to maximize stats when needed. (For example, equipping a few charisma-enhancing items will net better prices at vendors.)
  • The right gear can increase S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats above 10. Equipping clothes with stat bonuses or consuming chems can raise INT, CHA, STR or any of your stats to 15-17! Your base stat can also increase above 10 if you use the right Bobbleheads. Thanks to Billy Inlow for the tip!
  • You can change the color of your pip-boy screen. The color you choose will also be the color of your flashlight!

Advanced Companion and Settler Tips

  • Companions can carry a ton of junk for you, just like in other Fallout games.
  • Companions do not need to be healed with Stimpaks. Only use Stimpaks if you want your companion to return to battle.
  • Companions and Settlers will never run out of ammo with their default weapon; if you give them a different weapon they require the appropriate ammo.
  • The Lone Wanderer perk works even with Dogmeat as a companion.
  • You can use Dogmeat to get a chilly high-level item earlier than intended...

Advanced Settlement and Crafting Tips

  • You can raise and lower walls and items while building. Hold E and use scroll wheel on PC; X and L1/R1 on PS4.
  • Use rugs to place items in spots otherwise unavailable. Place the item on the rug and move it to the desired spot; stash or move the rug when finished.
  • Adhesive can be made by cooking Vegetable Starch using Corn, Tato, Mutfruit and Purified Water and subsequently breaking it down for materials.
  • Excess water and food will be stored in your workbench. You can produce a ton of Purified Water and use it to heal or sell it for a nice profit.
  • You can assign settlers to specific tasks in the workshop menu, and put companions like Codsworth to work.
  • Settlers can work 6 TOTAL food, not 6 plants. Fast travel between settlements to instantly grow crops.
  • Build a bell in your settlement to call all settlers to you when rung. This allows for easier job assignments.
  • Be careful if you dump all your junk into the workbench. Cool decorating items like Deathclaw hands and valuable items like pre-war money will be broken down if left in the workbench. It's a good idea to dump your junk and do a quick run through inventory to pick out anything you don't want scrapped.
  • You can name your guns to make it easier to find what you want. For example, starting each name with the ammo type will section all those guns together. Using (-) before the name will keep them at the top of the list. Or just give them awesome names you will remember.
  • You can equip companions and settlers with any weapon. Place it in their inventory and equip it. Settlers require ammo but do not use ammo. Give them a weapon and one bullet -- a Minigun and one 5mm round is all they need to defend the settlement! Thanks to Robert Patrician for the tip!

Advanced Power Armor Tips

Power Armor is very powerful and pretty rare. Finding fusion cores to power them can also be a pain. Here are some tips to get more Power Armor and keep it running with cores.

  • Sprinting, strong melee attacks, and VATS drain power cores quickly. Avoid these actions whenever possible to keep armor running longer.
  • Power Armor stats always override your regular armor. The stats on your clothes are totally ignored while inside a Power Armor suit, so don't rely on those S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bonus stats. Thanks to Sewa_Yunga for the tip!
  • Take the cores out of extra Power Armor. If you don't, you may see someone running away in it!
  • You can sell nearly-empty fusion cores to vendors and receive more caps than empty cores.
  • You can pickpocket enemies of their fusion cores, causing the enemy to leave the armor for the taking.
  • You can fast travel without using any energy from the fusion core, and can fast travel with an empty core.

Born Survivor To Legend Of The Wastes!

Whether a Fallout first-timer or a vet looking for an edge, this guide will help you start your journey through the Commonwealth. While the game has gotten some mixed reviews, it is one of the most massive and entertaining gaming experiences of next-gen gaming. Fallout 4 shines in the same areas its predecessors did: total player choice with endless options. It's a big Wasteland out there and the surface has barely been scratched; this guide will give you the tools to go out and explore it! Don't overthink your decisions, play how you want, and HAVE FUN!

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