Don't Kill Anyone in Undertale - True Pacifist Ending Guide

Shawn Carignan | 16 Feb 2016 15:36
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Table of Contents:

The Basics: How to Achieve the True Ending

The number one rule to achieve the True Ending is do not kill anything! This is the most important and obvious component of the Pacifist run. Every enemy you encounter can be defeated without violence; killing even one monster will shift you to the neutral path. This necessary play-style will yield no experience, leaving you at Level 1 with 20 HP for the duration of the game. This is a handicap, but one that can be overcome with planning, plenty of healing items, and conservative play. Using some tricks this guide provides is imperative to late-game success.

Pacifist Checklist

  • Kill no enemies; gain no LVL or EXP. (Dummy in Ruins and Mad Dummy do not count toward this goal.)
  • Befriend and visit Papyrus at his house after the boss fight against him.
  • Give Undyne water after the boss fight against her.
  • Visit Undyne at her house and complete the side mission inside.
  • Get through the Core and Spare Mettaton EX.
  • If this is your first playthrough, defeat King Asgore and Flowey. You may return to the save point before King Asgore and complete True Ending without playing the entire game over again.
  • Receive phone call from Undyne at MTT Resort. Refer to True Lab section to complete the True Ending.
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