Don't Kill Anyone in Undertale - True Pacifist Ending Guide

Shawn Carignan | 16 Feb 2016 15:36
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Table of Contents:

Introduction / The Ruins

The beginning of the game is basically a tutorial, and not very difficult to traverse. After your introduction to the friendly flower, Flowey, you are handed off to Toriel to teach you the basics of the game.

Tips for The Ruins

  • If you stay in the area Toriel tells you to, you will receive cell phone calls with some unique dialogue.
  • Make sure to buy a Spider Donut! You may have to grind for some extra gold, but this item is invaluable for a later encounter.
  • If this is your first play-through and you must face King Asgore, hold on to the Butterscotch Pie. The pie is not necessary if you are replaying the game for the True Ending.

Most of the regular enemies here are pretty easy to Spare; if you get stuck on a tough enemy, reference the Bestiary in this guide. One of the more troublesome enemies in this are is Vegetoid. There are two ways to peacefully resolve combat with this enemy. The first is to damage him until he becomes "bruised" and Devour him for 5 HP. Just be careful not to kill him! Three medium attacks should be about right. The second, and more conservative option is to select Dinner. You must run into one of the green sections when he attacks to unlock the Spare option.

Pacifist Boss Tips: Napstablook

  • Spare Napstablook, the sad ghost in the Ruins, by using Cheer a few times.

Make your way through the easy puzzles and explore side areas for extra items; soon you will arrive at Toriel's home. There isn't much to explore here, but first-time players should check everything possible for some background and insight. Sleep in the bed provided and you will awaken to the Butterscotch Pie and be able to advance.

Talk to Toriel and follow her into the basement. She will try to protect you by preventing you from leaving; this is the first boss battle of the game.

Pacifist Boss Tips: Toriel

  • Use Spare on every turn to proceed. It takes a lot of Spare attempts to finally end the battle!
  • Toriel will damage you, but if your HP gets low her attacks will avoid you.

Once completed you will be granted access to the next section of the game, Snowdin.

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