Don't Kill Anyone in Undertale - True Pacifist Ending Guide

Shawn Carignan | 16 Feb 2016 15:36
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You gotta love sans and Papyrus, right? These skeleton brothers will be your guides for the next chapter of the game. The forest and town of Snowdin are also fairly easy, but one of the most entertaining sections of the game. Enjoy yourself and follow the brothers through the area.

Tips for Snowdin:

  • The snowman piece you receive early in the area is not an essential item; it simply opens some dialogue if you are carrying it upon completion of a Neutral playthrough.
  • You are able to stay the hotel for free, even though the innkeeper says it will cost 80g, and it will raise your max HP by 10.
  • If you search all the snow poofs you will find 30g!
  • The Bisicle consumable is one of the most useful for the Pacifist play-through. It heals 11 HP and can be used twice, making it like two healing items in one! It also has a great healing number, as you will only have 20 HP throughout the game. The Bandana is also worth buying at this shop.

Pacifist Boss Tips: Lesser Dog, Greater Dog, Doggo, Dogi

  • There are multiple dog-themed enemies and bosses here. Throwing your initial weapon, the stick, will allow a Spare with just one use. There are other ways to peacefully resolve these battles, but the stick is the easiest and awards gold each time.

After a series of dastardly puzzles you will find yourself in the town of Snowdin itself. If this is your first visit to the area, take your time and explore. There are a lot of items and characters to interact with. Once you are done looking around, head east for the showdown with Papryus.

Pacifist Boss Tips: Papyrus

  • This boss fight is one of the most entertaining in the game. Papyrus' "special attack" turns your soul blue and leaves you on the the floor of the fighting area. Papyrus will use bone attacks; jumps that are the right height and well-timed are needed to get past this boss.
  • Use the "Flirt" option during the battle and survive to unlock a date with Papyrus later.. Survive Papyrus' Special Attack, and he decides to... ahem... Spare you. Now you can go on to the next area, but there is some unfinished business before you go.

Head back to town and find Papyrus outside of his house. Talk to him to start your date/hang-out. Answer however you'd like; there is no consequence to the choices you make in this section. Finally, make sure to grab a bite to eat with sans before you finally head to the next section, Waterfall.

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