Don't Kill Anyone in Undertale - True Pacifist Ending Guide

Shawn Carignan | 16 Feb 2016 15:36
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Table of Contents:

Hotworld: Part 2 - MTT Resort & Core

The first step here is to go have a bite to eat with sans. After a nice chat over a meal you are free to explore the area on your own.

Hotworld: Part 2 Tips:

  • The vendor to the right of the building sells some unique items, but nothing vital. The mysterious key opens the Ghost House in Waterfall.
  • The vendor inside the building is extremely helpful to help you survive the next boss fight. Stock up on Glamburgers and other consumables here!
  • You can sleep in the hotel for 200g to receive the 10 max HP bonus, but it isn't really worth the gold when you can fast travel back to Snowdin with the ferryman for a free 10 HP boost..

The next stop after the MTT building is the Core. There are a few ways to get through this area, but the easiest is to head west and complete the puzzle to open the east walkway. The far north contains a few enemies to open the same walkway and is not recommended. There is a trashcan to the northeast that contains 100g and another to the far northwest that contains a Glamburger. Search the area until you run into them.

To the far northeast is the path to the end of the line. It contains a save point, a door, and an elevator. Once you are ready, and loaded with healing items, head through the door for the final showdown with Mettaton.

This Mettaton boss fight is pretty crazy. You need to get the audience over 10,000 to succeed. There are a few strategies to accomplish this. Pose will grant some audience points; the lower your health the bigger the number. Boast will grant faster audience gain, but if you get hit on the next turn you will lose audience. Eating Glamburgers or other MTT food will grant +500 audience. The best strategy is to Pose, Defend, and heal with MTT food when your health gets low.

Pacifist Boss Tips: Mettaton EX

  • When Mettaton gives you the opportunity to shoot his heart, use your projectiles to deal damage while avoiding his attacks.
  • During the "disco ball" attack, use your projectiles to change the color of the lasers. When a blue laser is approaching, sit still. When a white laser is on the way, shoot the disco ball to change it to blue.
  • Mettaton will ask you to write and essay at some point. Type "legs" or "toby" to get a little audience bonus.

Once you reach 9,000 - 9,500 audience, eat some MTT food to get you to that magic 10,000 number and complete the battle. On a Neutral run, the next step would be to head into the final battle with King Asgore. On the Pacifist run, however, you will head back to MTT Resort and receive a phone call.

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