Don't Kill Anyone in Undertale - True Pacifist Ending Guide

Shawn Carignan | 16 Feb 2016 15:36
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Table of Contents:

Neutral Ending

After defeating Mettaton EX you will move on the New Home. This is a different version of Tariel's home and has a few useful items. Head to the bedroom and pick up and equip the Heart-Shaped Locket and Worn Dagger. These items will help out a lot in the battle against King Asgore. There are two keys in the upper levels of the house. Search the rooms for the keys and make sure to search the items for some extra story. Unlock the chain to the basement and head on down. A familiar character will stop by on the way for a brief conversation and some information on the true nature of the game that will blow your mind.

Pacifist Boss Tips: King Asgore

There is no way to peacefully end this fight. You must fight King Asgore. Make sure you are loaded with healing items and have your strongest weapon and armor equipped. This battle will be very, very difficult if you have stuck to the Pacifist checklist.

  • Make sure you have your Butterscotch Pie in your inventory for this battle. Using it will reduce Asgore's ATK and DEF for the duration of the battle. You can also Talk to him 3 times to lower his ATK and DEF.
  • King Asgore's attacks are much like Tariel's, but he offers no mercy. He will sometimes use a colored attack that is prefaced by his eyes. If you see orange you must move during the attack, if they are blue you must sit still.
  • Try to avoid his attacks as much as possible and attack him every turn; eventually he will kneel and the fight will be over.

You now will have the option to Spare or Kill King Asgore. You must Spare him to unlock the True Ending! You will be visited by an old friend and things will start to get...weird.

Pacifist Boss Tips: Flowey

Once Flowey shows up, things start to get completely insane. The game will crash and reopen in Flowey's nightmare world. He will mutate into a god-like killing machine, triggering the final battle of the Neutral play-through.

  • The Flowey boss battle is long, difficult, and annoying. His attacks are unavoidable and constant, but don't do much damage. Dodge as best you can, but expect to get hit often. Attack at every opportunity given to advance to the next phase of the battle.
  • Flowey will now summon his souls to attack you, but you are able to use them to your advantage. You must find the Act button and activate it to turn the white, damaging attacks into green, healing attacks.
  • There are 6 souls to get through; once completed they will combine their powers to reduce Flowey's DEF to 0 and allow you to finish off this abomination. Avoid his attacks as best you can and attack at every opportunity to end the battle.

You can Kill or Spare Flowey; is doesn't effect you ability to achieve the True Ending.

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