Where To Find the Shotgun, Q-Beam & Every Other Weapon In Prey

Kevin Thielenhaus | 9 May 2017 12:40
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As Prey [2017] begins, you'll have nothing more than a wrench to defend yourself against mind-effecting Phantoms and sneaky Mimics. Expanding your arsenal is key to survival, and we'll explain where to get all the latest and greatest weapons available on the station.

There's nothing worse than encountering a new Typhon enemy without the firepower to handle it. Weapons are littered all around the station, and getting your hands on one without having to craft it is a pretty big plus. Below, we'll explain where to get some of the awesome, sci-fi weapons of Prey so you won't have to scrounge the entire ship.

The Shotgun is an integral find early-on, and can be recovered right as you enter the Talos 1 Lobby area. Simply rush the Security Station to the right of the Shuttle Bay and climb through the vents to claim up. Many weapons are pretty easy to locate, even if they're all technically optional -- still, there are many optional locations or extra-powerful heavy guns you'll only find in specific spots.

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[Work-in-Progress: We're still looking for guns. Check back soon for new weapon locations. It's a big station out there!]

Neuromod Division

GLOO Cannon: Found in the hallway after leaving the Research & Design office, directly in your path to the large room with your first Neuromod location.

Disruptor Stun Gun: Look on a corpse on the second level of the Neuromod Lab. Use the GLOO Gun to reach the upper balcony from the sign, then search the corpse between the Volunteer Quarters and the Volunteer Testing doors.

  • Alternate Location: Found in the Simulation Debriefing room, outside the fake apartment. In Debriefing, look left and climb up onto the large blue computer to find a cache of useful items, including a Heavy Gear Optimizer.

Talos 1 Lobby

Shotgun: The Shotgun is located in the Security Station office. Find the keycard in the I.T. Security room -- from the entrance, go up the stairs in the back-right and walk along the exterior edge to the center balcony. Hack the keypad to get inside. Find the Security Keycard on the desk to the left.

  • Alternate Entrance: Crawl up into the vent entrance outside the locked Security Station door to enter the office without the keycard.

Huntress Boltcaster: Found in the Neuromod Sales Department, behind the desk in Kelly Randolph's office.

Silenced Pistol: The silenced 9mm pistol is found on the ground in the Teleconferencing Center, across the landing from the Executive Offices.

Hardware Labs

Q-Beam: Use the Repair 2 ability to fix the breach failsafe panel to the right when you enter the Talos 1 Exterior area from the Hardware Labs bulkhead. Return to the Hardware Labs and enter the Beams & Waves Lab. The area can now be accessed -- use the terminal outside the testing room to unlock the Q-Beam and collect it.

Crew Quarters

Artemis Golden Gun: The Golden Gun is locked in a safe in Jada Marks' cabin. To get her keycard and find the keycode for her safe, you'll need to locate the body of Marietta Kyrkos in the Arboretum.

  • In the Arboretum, climb the rocks above the "Lobby" hallway and look under the scaffolding supporting Alex Yu's office. There's a body with the keycard and the code. Listen to the transcribe message to start the "Golden Gun" quest.

More coming soon.

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